Friday, February 4, 2011

A Wake Up Call.The States Must Take Action Against the Lawless EPA

             The rolling blackouts are all an artificial scarcity created by the EPA carbon credits. It has been admitted by the ERCOT.The EPA ordered them to do rolling blackouts to limit greenhouse gas emissions and telling Texans to freeze in the name of saving the earth that is a proven scientific fraud. These regulations are being implemented by the color of law when there is no Cap and Trade legislation passed to justify the new rules by the EPA.
              The states most hardest hit like Texas over these rolling blackouts. It is time for the state legislators to act and the state governments do all it takes to protect its people from an lawless President and the arm of the EPA under his control. If that means using state police. the state guard and sheriff deputies to stand guard on these power plants or industries blocking the Federal Agencies any access.
               There is a man in the oval office who does not respect lawful or legal boundaries. He does not acknowledge the constraints of the State rights. This present Administration in the White House with his minions in these Alphabet Soup agencies see themselves as a law unto themselves who does not respect the ruling of the courts, the state legislators or the will of the people. They are not afraid to use force to impose their will on the people and the states. It is time we do what is necessary to push back.
               The states must start drawing their line in the sand and take back their natural resources and industry that made them thrive in the past.It does not belong to the EPA to sell permits and give favors to the Chinese. All the natural resources belongs to the states and the people for their benefit. Not the EPA to selectively give to the corporate cronies. The state must be willing to go the distance to regain lost ground or be trampled over. The will to be free must be greater than the ambitions of the tyrants if we are going to defeat them.
                I have no love for socialism and globalism because of its futile vision of governance over the people that benefits the few at the expense of the many. There is not a valid reason to have famines cutting off food supplies to the people. There is no reason to suppress under developed nations improving themselves. There is no reason to have rolling blackouts cutting off natural resources. The Elite bankers want to oppress the populations of the world so the people will never fight back. The bottom line to these globalist is control over the people in the name saving the earth. The populations must suffer to stop global warming in their minds.
               The several states must do what it takes to counter this lawless government out of Washington. It will take more than joint resolutions in the sate legislators. It must be backed up with force if necessary arresting these federal agents breaking state laws. There is no options for half measures by the states anymore. The states must do what it takes not only to defeat them. They must not let them hang around anymore to fight another day.



  1. Time to start outright ignoring the federal mandates that supersede the constitution, or violate individual state constitution.
    The people of the various states created the federal government, we the people can take it down. We the people tell the federal government "How it's going to be". There's nothing to discuss.


  2. No one will do anything.I can tell you this with certainty because no one has done anything to address the other many outrages this zionist monkey in a suit has committed.LEARN TO WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN PEOPLE!!!!If they can do it without guns...

  3. According to the news, the blackouts were because of excessive demand due to the extreme weather. NO mention of EPA mandates. Are you sure you are blaming the right agencies for these blackouts?

  4. Why don't the states just form a new federal government (and start minting our own no-interest money) and everyone turn their backs on the old. Form a new capital city in the center of the country with new representatives (REAL representatives). Out with the old and in with the new, like the Declaration of Independence says we can do.

  5. The ERCOT web site does not show EPA carbon credits as the reason for rolling blackouts. Rather they explain it as a way to keep from a grid collapse due to more demand than they could handle. The natural gas pumping stations that push the Texas gas to New Mexico should have remained on as an essential process according to what their site says. We indeed do need to fight all federal mandates that exceed their constitutional authority but we need to fight based on true facts. Please site or post copies of any ERCOT email, letter, or whatever that backs up your claim that the rolling blackouts were related to EPA regulations.


  6. Keep spreading the information people. Americans are getting wiser...slowly, but we must persevere. Our very future can be bright and filled with hope, with our prosperity and resources intact, or we can let these leeches suck us dry. We're all going to decide someday, even if that means having it decided for us. Peace.

  7. The ability to print unlimited "money" took whatever power the citizens had and put it in the hands of the warmongers who then built the control grid that will have to be dismantled or else...our goose is cooked [which it is]. Obviously the average American accepts his dependency and will in fact be willing to take that prison job or that "position" as a cog in the chinese machine now taking over in n. america. I am sorry to have to tell you that the american dream aint what it used to be. Grow up, wake up and link up with anyone you can find willing to rebuild something that won't be a born loser like the old america. Don't count on much support from jock sniffing star worshipping consumers though, they'll just turn you in for the brownie points.

  8. Till the soil and stop the Maconda well. Know thine enemy.