Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Rolling Blackouts Likely in Texas Again Tonight During Snowstorm

             Many Texans were furious over the rolling blackouts. Yesterday it was reported frozen water pipes bursting were responsible for two coal fire plants to shut down causing these rolling blackouts.Do you believe that? The Lt. Governor said more rolling blackouts will happen again today and tomorrow said to save the power grid while we have a foretasted snow storm. The order from the Electric Reliability Council Of Texas(ERCOT).
            I called my state representatives yesterday. I found out they were not happy about it either about it because they had no warning either about the power outages. Many lawmakers in Austin are calling for accountability of the ERCOT. The ERCOT was formed for the reason of to increase capacity of the power grid and keep rates low. Like everything in government they touch. It turns to S@#t and does the opposite than what it was intended to do.
            There is no reason for these rolling blackouts to happen during a winter storm. Frozen water pipes bursting at two power plants was the reason for statewide rolling blackouts? Is that there excuse?.Was it because these plants do not want to pay EPA fines because of going over the limit of green house gases emissions mandated on Jan, 2nd to go into effect? Was this the reason why Attorney General Greg Abbot went into federal court to sue the EPA because these rolling blackouts would happen to comply with these new mandated rules?
            We do not need a committee of monkeys who never operated  power plants or worked a repairing electric lines. It looks like unelected  political or corporate cronies appointed are in charge of the power grid really showed. They are the incompetent who sit on these councils do not know anything about the power grid like the people in the trenches in the power plants and who are in the harshest weather conditions fixing those power lines to restore services.
            We seen these rolling blackouts in California because they tried to sell the perception of the lack of production was the cause. At the same time ENRON was jacking up the rates exploiting this lie for profit. We seen this before in the old Soviet Union were rolling blackouts were common during the winter months in the name we do not have enough resources to go around.
            There is no reason to have anymore rolling black outs. Winter comes once a year to Texas and these companies should be prepared for the season. I still think it was over the new EPA rules mandated power companies to shut down plants or pay high fines for going over their limit in green house gases. While the Texas legislator in Austin is now in session. Not only should they draft legislation to dismantle the ERCOT. They should also amend to that law to throw the EPA out of Texas too.


  1. Parts of Northern New Mexico are now without natural gas. The rolling blackouts shut down Critical Infrastructure, pumping stations that supplied our gas, although I understand the power to "the Texas superdome" was spared for "homeland security" reasons- nice that.

    The Town of Taos in is chaos with runs occurring on the (half of them still open) grocery stores. Last night the temperature hit -20f in Taos. The nearby village of Questa has declared a state of emergency and set up a shelter. There are concerns that space heaters will overwhelm the local electric grid after dark.

  2. Send in the women!!!