Monday, February 28, 2011

Remembering The WACO Raid 18 Years Later.

            This is not a good day in history were the Branch Davidian home and church(Not a compound)was raided by the Federal Government. The government was still under much scrutiny and suspicion for the Ruby Ridge stand off were Sammy Weaver and Vikki Weaver were mercilessly gunned down by Federal agents,Sammy Weaver who was 14 years old was shot in the back. Vikki Weaver was murdered by a sniper holding a newborn baby in her arms.
             Some people say working for the Federal government is never having to say your sorry. The government used every lie in the book to discredit David Koresh and his followers to save face for a botched raid went bad. They used the lie of David Koresh was a cult leader. They said he was a child molester and a sex maniac. They tried to make the justification that their teachings and beliefs were dangerous because they believed in end time prophecies and strict biblical teachings. Whatever happened to Freedom of Religion?
             There was many rumors why the BATF raided the Branch Davidians. It was told the agency was about to have funds cut or the agency eliminated. It was said there was a prostitution scandal.Also that week there was congressional hearings on the Ruby Ridge stand off were the survivors testified before congress. The BATF needed an event to keep negative publicity off the front page or needed an event to get increased funding. They needed positive press to justify there existence since a scandal was about to break in the agency.
             David Koresh. You can love him or hate. I am not a man who embraces all his beliefs. The truth is  regardless the Branch Davidians believed in is not relevant.What is relevant after all these years when the truth came out through Documents sought by Freedom of Information Act request,Video footage,Congressional Hearings and independent investigators. There was no justification for the Federal government use the force it used on February 28, 1993. They could have arrested David Koresh anytime in town if they wanted. David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were no strangers to the folks in town.
              This is a very sad day in our history as a nation.It is very clear that the people who wee involved in the WACO raid are still in our government today. WACO is a reminder how willing the Federal government will use force for an unjustifiable reasons against the innocent. More will be revealed still. I just wonder will Obama pull another WACO to demonize the patriots like the Clinton to the Branch Davidians? We better wake up or we will have more WACOS.



  1. Today The BUTCHERESS of WACO was condemning Quadaffy for shooting his own People.

  2. When you're right, you're right.
    And I do believe you're right.

    Liberty & Justice,


  3. Waco: Rules of Engagement -

    If you haven't seen it, you should. The proof is right there - FBI started the fires, and was shooting at the building as it burned down. This was murder by the goddam US government. Do YOU care?