Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not So Honest Abe's Birthday Today

              Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday. We hear many nice accolades when I was in the public fool system. Oops! I mean the public school system. This was the President  who started to encroached on State's rights. We hear about the the civil war was fought over slavery. It was not. It was fought over state's rights. The state's right to leave the union and govern as they see fit separate from United State rule. The southern states politically divorced themselves because of Presidents Lincolns policies.
              If anyone thinks President Lincolns started to civil war to free the slaves and the south were a bunch of racist. That is a lie. Slavery in the south was on its way out anyway and began the process freeing the slaves. So before we call honest Abe the Great Emancipator. When he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. It did not free all the slaves. This decree only applied to the states that rebelled. It never applied to the states that had slaves who stayed in the Union. The Proclamation was signed for the reason encouraging the slaves to rebel against their masters in the south because the Union was losing the war against the south.
               The only thing President Lincoln did right instead using the bankers to finance the war was printing the greenbacks to finance the government and keep the nations economy going during the conflict. But he was a tyrant who jailed journalist and congressman who spoke out in opposition in the north. He imprisoned the state legislator of Maryland so they could not vote on leaving the union. He suspended habeas corpus. The civil war was an undeclared war. The Union army marched and invaded the south without an act of congress declaring war.
               President Lincoln love him or hate him. His actions has set the precedent for a all too powerful Federal government that is way out of control we have to today. I hope over time the people who get the whole story about President Lincoln and not the white washed version we were taught all these years.


  1. Of course from what I've read, Lincoln was legally justified in declaring martial law in D.C. and arresting potential Southern spies - who infested the city. Washington D.C. has never been under Constitutional rule, it is "ruled" by the U.S. Congress. The residents of D.C. were "citizens of the United States" whereas all other Americans then were citizens of their respective states. The 14th amendment slyly tried to make us all "citizens of the U.S." and hence under Federal rule.
    Lincoln's contribution to our eventual subjugation to Federal government was miniscule compared to what the bankers have engineered over 2 centuries.


  2. A good source to read is "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by Edward Griffin.