Saturday, February 12, 2011

Montana Bill Resolution Calls Upon The Federal Goverment to Pull Out of United Nations

            It looks like the state of Montana will be the tip of the spear in taking the lead nullifying unconstitutional powers away from Washington DC , They are being aggressive in their legislation in taking back their state from an overbearing Federal government. Montana is one of the few states on the front line taking back its constitutional powers not delegated to Washington DC and now calling a foreign power like the United Nations as a threat to state sovereignty.
            State Senator Dave Lewis says it waste billions of Dollars of Tax Payers money and the UN calls for the dissolution of the United States.Even though the bill lacks teeth or any binding legal authority. It does send a message like a shot across the bow.That strong message is the state of Montana will oppose United Nations mandates upon the state government to carry out. If the UN small arms treaty was ever ratified by a voice vote in the dark of night without two thirds present to be on record. Montana would resist it. Montana is resisting the gun laws and other federal mandates that violate the 9th and 10 amendments especially when it comes to gun control.
            I see one thing happening since the November election was a message was to the powers that be. I have not much faith in Washington DC changing much. Just the name plate on the doors in congress is all that changed. Were the real victories are in the state legislators is where fight will be. In Texas and Montana might be the states leading the way throwing off the shackles of unconstitutional federal control. The Montana legislator is taking bold steps sending a message to Washington DC and the Globalist. I just hope many other state legislators will follow after Montana's example opposing the United Nations .I hope the state is Texas will be the one that follows. 


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