Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Sis Does it Again.Can We Please Enjoy The Super Bowl in Peace?

            Hey Big Sis. Just because I see something.Does not mean I should say something. Just because a fan will be pissed off at the official in the Super Bowl because he made a bad call. Does not mean I will call homeland security. Just because someone is pissed off at the super market.The customer is getting all bent out of shape because they did not stock enough ranch dressing and nacho chips.Does not mean I will call the feds because he might be a terrorist because they ran out of stock on the shelves with enough products.
            I remember years ago seeing a commercial  of a man sitting in a jail cell with the message to all ladies who are wives or girlfriends that the night of the Super Bowl propaganda. The message was every woman has a high chance they might get beaten up by a man because of the Super Bowl.What such nonsense promoted by the feminist.They always have some phony scary tactic propaganda around the Super Bowl Sunday
            What I have to say to Big Sister of Homeland Security. I will use common sense and the same time mind my own business. Just because two people are talking in the car or someone is alone talking on his cell phone does not mean anything suspicious. I will mind my own business and use my head. I will not call homeland security. If there is a problem.The local police and sheriffs department have been handling keeping the peace long before homeland security ever existed.
            I will not let fear and hysteria rob me of my common sense or rational thought process. Just use common sense and keep my nose out were it does not belong. We should not fear our neighbors. Just because someone is unloading fertilizer from the trunk of his car does not mean he is making a explosive device. He might have got a good deal on a sale for his garden he will plant this spring. Just because someone brings there deer rifle from the trunk into the house or has one hanging on the fireplace does not men he is going to commit a crime. Owning guns is still legal and I find it reassuring if my neighbor is armed because he might come to my aid if I am defending my home. Just because a woman spanks her child on the rear does not mean it is child abuse. If she grabs the tire iron and starts to strike the little one than I will intervene and do something.
         If we see something.Does not mean nothing. If there is something We will not wait for homeland security to do something and make matters worse. As Americans.We have been solving problems way before Homeland Security was created. Big Sis may be half right. Homeland security starts in our hometown. The lie is it does not mean it should be a federal matter. Now I see something yes now I will say something to you. Here it is.
         The TSA is violating the dignity of the American people at the airports. There is a Federal government breaking laws left and right violating the bill of rights. So if Big Sister wants to make a difference. Start by cleaning the terrorist out of the government before you tell us how to clean up our country. Now let me watch the game in peace. By the way the fans of the losing team I do not think will be a threat to national security.When is it against the law to be a sore loser? There is no reason I should have eyes in the back of my head because you say terrorist are everywhere.

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