Friday, February 11, 2011

Homeowners Associations Now in the Fraudclosure Scam Too.

              The worse thing I hear horror stories about next to the IRS and the TSA is dealing with the Homeowner Associations. I hear about the headaches of this form of this petty tyranny that can be just as intrusive and overbearing.It is almost as aggravating like going through a checkpoint at an airport.Now these Homeowner Associations now are foreclosing on homes they do not even own too for the most minute reasons. I mean the punishment does not fit the crime at all.We talk about the government being out of control.So are these Homeowners Associations too trying to be the overlords over the people.
            One man was threatened his home would be foreclosed by the Homeowners Association on for painted bricks.What really frosted me is how the Homeowners Association profited off a Condo property already paid for making money off the auction block for a small debt.This really outraged me how this woman who lost her Condo she owned free and clear with no mortgage payments was foreclosed on for a $1000. Something is wrong when these organizations have too much power and ignore the basic rights of due process of the individual that there home is their castle. Both of these reports are out of Houston Texas. People of Houston. We got a problem.
               Where do they get their authority to do this? Who has delegated this power to a private organization? Blame the homeowners is part of the problem.Their silence and apathy gave these board members the consent to make the rules.  Like our government. We are paying the price for our lack of involvement to hold officials accountable. People who reside in deed restricted communities need to be involved in these meetings too or they will make the rules for them that can be just as infringing on private property rights as a city code enforcement officer. Apathy is not a luxury we can not afford anymore. We are being attacked in all directions.The time to go back to sleep and go back into denial is not an option anymore. If homeowners do not hold these people in these Associations accountable. They will become the little mini dictatorships with there little tattletale squads turning in their neighbor for leaving the garage door open after hours if not kept in check can be just as bad as living in the old Soviet Union.
                Homeowners associations were designed to keep a reasonable standard in communities and subdivisions to keep property values from depreciating by not allowing cars to be on cinder blocks and broken appliances in the front yard. Making sure the grass and shrubs are maintained to avoid an eyesore on the block. I can understand Homeowners keeping wanting to keep a certain standard in their neighborhoods as part of the agreement being in a deed restricted community. When these Associations over step their boundaries were they control all the remedies. This makes it hard for the homeowner to fight back against the abuses these Homeowner Associations because of their petty rules because they stacked the deck against the property owner. This is the time take these abuses to the grand juries to bring criminal charges against people in these Homeowners Association.
               Now these Homeowner Association are now forcing Homeowners into Foreclosures at a record rate on their $80,000 home already payed in full and for own not paying a $75 a months dues.It can be a person did not get their garbage cans off the curb before 12 noon on garbage pick up day and has to pay a ridicules fine of $30. If he does not pay the fine. He can be foreclosed on too if they fight the fine. The Association hires a lawyer. The homeowner may win. Either way will still have to pay for the Association's excessive legal fees fighting the property owner is where they say they can foreclose on the home.What a fraud and a scam .It is outright theft plain and simple by control freaks who gravitated towards these positions in power .Not  only in politics and government positions. But in these Homeowner Associations too.
              People who live in deed restricted communities need to be informed what they are getting into. It is the responsibility of the property owner to read  all contracts,restrictions on the deed and agreements with the homeowners Associations.They need to attend these board meetings and remove the people off these panels who run these Homeowners Associations like a mini banana republic. They are run out of control because people's lack of involvement is part of the problem. Like I said apathy is no longer a luxury of the past. Apathy is the reason it has gotten so bad.If we do not keep watch of these Homeowner Associations. They will keep steam rolling over people without any consequence.Wake up people.


  1. What kind of idiot would ever sign off on a deed
    covenant other that municipal anyway. This is
    a defect in title??? The attorney told me years
    ago that she would not represent me if I was
    ever dumb enough to buy in a homeowners
    association and sign off on a deed covenant.
    She considered it malpractice to allow her
    client to do such a thing.. Unbelievable..

  2. So comments about the atrocious grammar and sentence structure of this article get deleted, but all of the errors remain. Please hire a 5th grader to do some basic proofreading for you.

  3. If you have to find fault with a little grammar errors and can not argue on the merits. You are a miserable son of a bitch if you have to pick people apart. If you can do better.Start your own blog and shut the fuck up

  4. I have learned to lower my expectations when it comes to reading blogs, but the errors are not minor. I'm not trying to pick anyone apart, and I was nicer in the first post that got deleted. I agree with the writer to the extent I am able to figure out what he is trying to say. As such, I have no desire to argue on the merits, but how about a little courtesy to the readers? If someone wants people to read their blog it should be readable. If someone doesn't want anyone to read it, then why write it? Anyway, I'm only here because this was linked from a major site. This was an opportunity for the writer to pick up some new regular readers, but I doubt I'll be back. Not worth the effort to decipher.

  5. I own my house, not my neighbors. If they don't like me, move! I choose to buy and live among these people. That is my right. They also have the right to move.