Sunday, February 20, 2011

If State Lawmakers are Going to Walkout Than They Should Resign

             I do not see what good comes out of walking out in the middle of the session. These state representatives are there on the behalf of their constituents. Regardless in the face of opposition they are at odds with. There is no excuse to go into hiding. To me it is dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming. Personally the leadership in the legislator should send an ultimatum to those AWOL representatives to return to represent there districts or start the process of expelling them so special elections can be called to replace them.
             Last week the state representative in Madison Wisconsin walked out in the mist of a budget battle that enraged the unionized state workers. The job of these representatives is to represent and fight for the interest of the people in the home districts. Whether they are right or wrong on the issue on the state budget. They should stand and fight and be on record voicing opposition. Walking out shows they abandoned the people who sent them to represent them.
             The Democrats in Texas are now again threatening to walk out over redistricting because recent census data released. The did it before years ago over the same issue. This is just a cop out when things do not go their way and they will not get what they want. They will walk out and go into hiding.. How childish to be. Instead of dispatching state troopers to go track them down wasting money and resources looking for people who will not do their jobs. Than they should be expelled.
              When a person is sent to the state capital. They are there to represent the people who elected them. As they say if you can not take the heat stay out of the kitchen. Walking out shows they are not willing to make a stand and put up a fight for the interest of the people. If they are going to walk out. It shows they abandoned their duties and responsibilities that come with their jobs. If they are not willing to stand on their principles and personal convictions. Than just resign and let someone more capable with fortitude take their seat.

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