Friday, February 11, 2011

Debunking the Pale Rider Ghost Video In Egypt

              Before everyone says the end is near. The alleged Book of Revelation's Rider on a pale horse is someone's hysteria imagination gone wild.There is an explanation to this if anyone uses common sense. I have some experience in doing paranormal investigations. I remember watching Ghost Hunter on TV disproves a lot haunting occurrences with a reasonable examination that is common. I seen so much so called Ghost photography were they say we have an orb basing the house is haunted when it is just dust particles in the air magnified by the flash of the camera causing the effect.
              Looking at the video footage from the protest in Cairo. This can be explained too. It is the smoke in the air combined with a light source causing the glare on the lens of the video camera. The image that is just glare on the lens is just that because the image moves with the movement of the camera angle and fades of once the unknown light source is not reflecting off the lens. I had same incidences were I can say there was a Civil War Soldier was watching a nighttime parade standing on the sidewalk when it was just glare on the lens.
              Before any cries the end is near. Hear comes the Anti Christ because the rider on a pale horse marched through Cairo. There is a reasonable explanation for the anomaly on the video footage that is just smoke and glare on the lens. Does anyone agree?


  1. I have no clue, but that's as good of an explanation as any. Or someone was playin' with it. It was looped 3 times. I also noted nothin' was said about it from the commentator, so nothin' was there in reality.

  2. I do not agree with the explanation. It is too similar to a rider on a horse.
    Explanation of orbs also not good. Orbs have an internal structure that is always the same. Some are huge. Dust can not make such a reflection.

  3. Dust in the wind. There are a TON of hoaxes out there and dust in the wind being apparitions seems to be one of them. As a Christian, discernment is at the forefront of my thought process. Christ warned of people telling us He is there or over here and that we should be wary. Truth is, we WILL know WHEN we MUST know and THAT will be knowledge given unto us by HIM when the time is right.

  4. i think is a very stupid hispotesys but as an scheptic you wuld make any sance right?!!!

    no dust no smoke it does look a raider, prob so much energy got together in that spor it was easy for a ghost to manifest itself.
    is the end of the world or a bad omen we dont know but its paranormal