Saturday, February 26, 2011

Former Soviet Citizen Challenges Texans to Step Up To Be Free or be a Slave

              Folks, if you care a bit about what is going on in the US and Texas, you may know that the federal government is out of control with no intention of backing off.
They will not stop until they transform the country into socialist nightmare.
Do you get this?They will not stop.Their principle is The End Justifies The Means
If you do not know what that means, hundreds of millions people in past and present socialist countries would tell you, if they could.But they are dead.Their tyrannical governments killed them.Do not think for a second it will not happen in the US.

               It is not about Democrats or Republicans. There is no difference between them any more.
It is about We the people and the tyrannical federal government.

You have only three options.
  1. To become a slave soon. Really soon, probably this year. 
  2. To be killed if you do not agree with the regime.  
  3. To do something (whatever you can) NOW to stop the process and live free.
Whatever you choose will determine yours and your children future. And the time to make the decision is NOW.I am a Texan by choice.I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union.Since 1995, I live in the US.
In 2009, I moved to Texas from California to join the Texas Nationalist Movement and fight for independent Texas.

You, who call yourself a Texan but do nothing for independent Texas, how will you feel when your child or a grandchild asks you later, "Did you do anything for independent Texas?" And your answer will be, "I was enjoying life while some people from different states and countries were fighting for Texas independence."
How does that sound to you?
Do you like it?

If you don't, get your butt off the couch and join us on March 5th, on the South steps of the State Capitol from 1:00PM to 4:00PM, and let the Texas legislators know what you think and what you want.

I want to live in independent and free Texas NOW.
I remember the Alamo and I am on the William Travis’ side of the line in the sand.
What about you?

Sergei Smet
Texas Nationalist

Special Thanks to the Texas Nationalist Movement


  1. We have already gone past socialist into a total fascist state.

    If we were socialist, the Wall Street bozos who ruined the nation with the fraudulent mortgage-backed security scam would be in the gulags instead of driving down the street on Bugattis.

  2. Michael Rivero, There is little if any difference between socialists and fascists. they both want the exact same thing, they want the power at your expense. it was wall street bozos that bankrolled both the fascists and communists

  3. Dear Siergiej!

    like you- I was born, rise up, educated.... and prosecuted in Soviet Bock...
    in 1983 I come to Texas...and I love it!
    I loved back than,,and I love Texas now! 28 years.
    If you don't like it..leave it:-)))
    Please...don't try to teach Texans - how to grass the cows... they know better....

  4. Thanks a metric tonne Sergei. Too bad a fellow "Texan", a Republican did so much damage.
    The People must awaken and stop their volunteering into the facist/socialist system.
    Obama is a Socialist
    Bush is a Fascist
    No dif, eh?
    Too many right wingnuts said nothing when Bushie sat on his arse and did nada on 9/11.
    DHS, The Patriot Acts the TSA, etc, et. al.
    Too many love their particular political parties too much to say something...only blame the other side.
    The Conned-servatives are just as much to blame.
    Well, drop your political viewpoints and get in the game.

    Thanks again.

    LOL YES U old Russians did it all the right way LOL.

  6. 2 out of 3 children born in Texas are Mexican or black.
    In 18 years Texas will look like South Central LA.
    Can't you see the handwriting on the wall?

  7. Texas is a lost cause, because white pussies won't push back.

  8. America is full of programmed mindless drones. A lost cause, indeed!

  9. Many texans have your back Sergei.

  10. Unfortunately, 95% of Americans are completely brainwashed, lazy, overweight, and most parents live their life through their childrens activities.

    Education is out the door, bravery left a long time ago, and weakness is their forte.

    And don't get me started on the blacks and mexicans.

  11. The patriot act was brought to the senate by Your good friend Joe Biden in the 90's but was voted down.So you Libs need to get it right,it was the leftist nutjobs who wrote the shit.It was Biden who pushed it after 911.

  12. Sergei,

    Great points, especially pointing out the fact that the left and right are the same, two sides of the same coin. They do exactly the same crap; they just talk about it differently. The only other thing I would add, and frankly it probably doesn't really matter anymore, is that the new Amerika is more akin to Fascism than Socialism. Government by corporations, controlled by corporations, for corporations. It's all just another form of Plutocracy though.

    My fear is that they have already won, by controlling education and dumbing down society to such an extent, that the average sheeple type probably can't name the three branches of government and thinks this is a democracy instead of a Constitutional Republic, but could rattle off random stats about their favorite sports team, sports hero, or American Idol contestant. I think the best chance we have is to recreate the free America envisioned by our Founding Fathers by taking back the country from the community level and working our way up.

  13. To those that think the cause is already lost...

    Do NOT give up hope. Yes, most of the people of Texas (and the US) are fat, lazy and brainwashed into submission. But I'd like to point out that both the US Revolution AND the Texas Revolution were successful and both of them were done by a VERY DETERMINED MINORITY of the people living under the tyranny.

    I am a Displaced Texan (living in another state) but the spirit of Freedom that lives within me, taught through a study of American History AND Texas History will never die, until the last breath leaves my body. Know that I will never be a slave and from any place on the globe, my fight for freedom will continue as long as there is any need for it.

    A DT out West

  14. Yes, the Texas that would allow this is far different than the Texas I remember as a kid:

  15. Fat, lazy, stupid and ignorant. Yes, 95% of Amerikans would rather sit on their arse and watch nascar, nba or Amerikan Idol. As long as their idyllic misconceptions of a dystopian Aamerika persist, things will not change only worsen. Texas is no better than the rest of us. After all, it was the Texass State Board of Education that recently wrote Thomas Jefferson out of history books because he did not reflect the looney tunes ultra right wing xtian view of
    of religion. talk about being unpatriotic! Only in texass...