Monday, February 28, 2011

Montana Governor SaysTea Party is leading to Civil War?

             The effect of the Tea Party is no more of a threat to the State than Barney the Purple Dinosaur .It is on a Federal end the threat looms with intrusive laws,mandates and regulations coming out of Washington DC are ruining people livelihoods. From Obamacare to Cap and Trade being enforced by the EPA when the legislation congress would not approve of. People can not extract oil and other natural resources because of unconstitutional federal controls and crony capitalism. Is the Governor of Montana getting threats to back off nullification or else? The John Warner Defense Act and the Military Commissions Act call for subduing states that assert their sovereignty. If the State of Montana is successful in nullifying unconstitutional federal laws. It can be a domino effect were Washington is losing control might have success.Many states will follow Montana's blue print that will pose a threat to the despotic rule of the White House.
             The State of Montana has spearheaded with the Firearms Freedom Act that poses a threat to the gun control agenda, They are looking into an alternate currency this is gold and silver backed that is a threat to the Federal Reserve System monopoly on money. The Sheriff legislation were the Federal Agents need the County Sheriffs clearance to seize persons and property.There is constant legislation being introduced by the State legislator aiming to stop Federal intrusion were they have no legal jurisdiction.
            I kind of feel sorry for the Montana Governor Schweitzer because he is getting pressure from the people to do his job to protect his people in the state to erect barriers against an out of control Federal Government. It would not surprise me to from the other direction the Governor is under duress directly from the White House through the Democratic party, DHS and other alphabet soup agencies, The Federal Government is putting pressure on the Governor to conform or else. If he was not. The Governor would have not toned down his rhetoric and made that statement. The Governor in the past has been very strong in his statements. Why the change in his tone. Possible threats from the Obama Administration. 
             I do not see the Tea Party trying to start a fight with the Feds. It is the Feds out trying to throw the first punch using coercive force to subdue the population into submission. The Federal government has shown economically and socially are the ones who declared war on our freedoms. Then there will be a collision between two factions. It will be the people wanting to be left alone and the power freaks seeking to lord over them. Not the Tea Party.

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  1. "The are looking into an alternate currency this is gold and silver backed that is a threat to the Federal Reserve System monopoly on money. "

    What? I can barely get through this article with all of the poor grammar and lack of punctuation.