Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FBI Memo Seeks to Confiscate Firearms from People Though Bureaucratic Red Tape and Fees

             President Obama is following George Soro's advice ruling by decree if he can not get his way with the new congress. One of the issues is gun control. No anti gun bill will never make it out of committee with a Republican dominated House of Representatives. He can not outright call for ban on the people possessing firearms and tell people to turn in their guns. The Attorney General Eric Holder issued a Memorandum to the FBI directives to carry out mandates concerning gun control. These directives are designed to make it impossible for the average person to own a firearm because of the red tape and many fees gun owners will have to pay annually.If they can not afford the fee. They will have to turn in their firearms. If people comply with it.
           Mark Koernke who is part of the Michigan Militia received this FBI memo from a source inside the agency. It is apparent that this Obama administration is working hard to find  ways to disarm the American people. I do not think the American people will buy it this time around. We have seen what happens when the people are disarmed. You look at when the communist took over in China,Russia, and Cambodia. When the people were disarmed. These governments murdered people on a industrial scale. We have seen what happens with gun control in cities like Chicago,and New York. They are the most authoritarian cities were corruption flourishes and crime rampant were the outlaws have guns. The reason is the right to keep and bear arms among the law abiding is illegal.So they will never be able to stand up to the corrupt governments and the criminal elements that run the city. Gun control laws punish the law abiding. Not the law breakers.What are in these directives? Here is a few.

Tax payer funded gun buy back programs

Instead of a three day waiting period for a back ground check. It turns into a indefinite waiting period(That means you will wait forever)

Hand gun Licensing

Gun safe Licenses

Restrictions on Ammunition and magazine capacity

Licenses on shotguns and rifles

         It is stated in the memo they believe there is about 68 million gun owners in America.(I believe there is much more) The are hoping to reduce gun ownership to 14 million. There stated goal is zero private gun ownership.This administration wants a disarmed population.The difference between Americans in mass graves and  locked up inside FEMA camps is gun ownership.
         These directives they claim to derive their authority is from three actions.They are enforcing the UN Small Arms Treaty without being ratified by two thirds of the Senate. They are using are  the Brady Bill which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and the 1968 Gun Control Act which was written word for word identical to NAZI Germany's law.  
          They are coming for our weapons we use to defend ourselves against criminals and a tyrannical government. What laws this sitting President can not get passed through congress. He is implementing through the Bureaucracies to carry it out by creating regulations. He is enforcing Cap and Trade through the EPA when there is no law passed. He will be trying to confiscate the guns through writing regulations and executive orders using the arm of the BATFE and the FBI to carry out the decree like the EPA is being used to illegal enforce carbon credits.
            This is the time we need to be stubborn and say "no" to any lawless attempt to illegally disarm us. Firearm ownership in the hands of the people is what stands between freedom and hell on earth.We have the law of the land on our side.We use it or lose it. The second Amendment of the US Constitution says. "A well regulated Militia is necessary for the security of a free state,the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." We either be a stubborn freeman or be a slave at the mercy of tyrants. The choice is ours.



  1. Jct: Just riling up the gun lobby. Do you think there's any way they're going to get 300,000,000 guns with more flying off the shelves as we speak? Har har har. There's no plan to confiscate their guns, there's only the plan to rile them up about rights that really are not important. Right to guns, what about right to food? health care? fuel? clothes?

  2. 'What laws obummer can't get passed through congresscritters, he orders bureaucracies to carry out through over-reaching, over-bearing regulations.'
    Thank you for pointing out this very important point. obummer is a tyrant creating his own dictatorship, a draconian one-man rule.

  3. where's the memo? this post appears to be "heard it from a friend" booga booga.

  4. Some people think its 'instant gun confiscation' that is the target. Not so. If they suceed in removing just 2,3,4 or 5 million weapons every few years, their goal will be accomplished fairly quickly. And besides, they understand that at a certain point in the anti-gun program they can institute a media propaganda program aimed at those who have already lost their fire-arms in which it would attempt to turn them (that is, popular opinion) against those still possessing fire-arms.

  5. The so called "NAzi" laws were actually hold over laws from the jews. Hitler actually watered them down. The very same jews are almost ALWAYS the people pushing gun laws against WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America. SHip the filth to israel. Let them live in their parasite paradise by themselves.

  6. What actually needs to happen is that the state legislatures need to pass laws stating that not only will any gun confiscation laws be nonenforceable within their borders, but any FBI or other "federal" agents caught within their borders trying to enforce those laws will be thrown into prison, or killed if they resist arrest. Start playing the same games with these crooks in DC that they play with everybody else.

    At some point, sooner better than later, a line needs to be drawn in the sand.

  7. I didn't know Koernke was out of jail?

    If you have a memo, post it.
    If this is true, I say go for boys; see ya in the dark.

  8. 80,000 "no knock" warrants served a la mode by law enforcement every year. We have about 1 million cops of all flavors in Amerika ready to kill about 310,000,000 fine citizens for refusing to turn in their guns?

    Certainly, anyone that reads this supposed insider information will become peeved...


    if the proposals are implemented, wearing a uniform will be an immediate death sentence.

    To quell the anger of the masses, I see uncle Sam cutting off utilities, city dwellers may then become irrational.

    DHS will launch 100's of drones to kill brave hearts walking the streets... obliterating those holding black rifles first. (Can you picture the joy on Napolitano's face as she directs the slaughter of millions of gun owners. Does not demonic energy swirl about her countenance whenever and wherever she appears.)

    Whether to die for holding close the Words of Jesus Christ, or for refusing to relinquish an M60 machine gun, some of us will be dying so that others may live free.

  9. On 9/10/10 the military revealed their game plan against a young woman and her daughter in San Brunos, CA.

    Jacqueline Greig had worked at the California Public Utilities Commission for 21 years and was a member of its Division of Ratepayer Advocates. She also was a member of the natural gas committee for the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates. She stopped a $4.2 billion rate hike by PG&E against their customers. It was fraud pure and simple. On 9/10/10 witnesses identified an AWACS plane, an AC-130 gunship with gun turrets exposed and a F18 fighter/bomber loaded with weapons circling her neighborhood. Her house exploded with flames 1,000 feet in the air. Witnesses reported a plane crash (missile). I listened to the firefighters radio transmissions on the ground as they fought the blaze. One fireman located and confirmed a large nose cone of the aircraft (missile). After 80% of the radio transmission a govt official came on the air and declared that is was a natural gas explosion, which is impossible. The govt locked down the media and federal crews went through the debris and shipped off all physical evidence to Washington, DC. They have effectively scrubbed the internet of all conflicting reports including Rense.com and Makow. When I went back to the url that I had read, it was replaced by an innocuous cover story analyzing gas pipe welds. They have GPS numbers of front doors on all of our houses. They can take us out any moment. I recently saw an AWACS plane flying at 500' over Clearwater, FL. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  10. how about posting a scanned copy of the memo???

  11. [quote]King of the Paupers said...

    Jct: Just riling up the gun lobby. Do you think there's any way they're going to get 300,000,000 guns with more flying off the shelves as we speak? Har har har. There's no plan to confiscate their guns, there's only the plan to rile them up about rights that really are not important. Right to guns, what about right to food? health care? fuel? clothes?
    Tuesday, 15 February, 2011[/quote]

    Not important?!? Our God given right to keep and bear arms keeps all of our other rights safe.

    No one has the right to food, clothes, fuel, health care. Those are personal responsibilities. Not rights.

  12. I think that after another terror/us government strike on we the people, first; martial law. second; suspension of elections last; UN peacekeepers are deployed throughout the US. It is already in motion, 2012 elections, are going to be the last real elections we have. after that obaMAO will be our dear leader for life, winning 99.9% of the popular vote every time. see ya'all in hell

  13. Who needs someone else's permission? Just keep arms because you feel like it.

    And the hell with everyone else.