Friday, February 11, 2011

Be Very Afraid of The Terrorist.The Amish Are Smuggling Raw Milk to People

            Thank God for the Amish people for their courageous action in defiance to unjust laws against raw milk. People should have a choice whether to drink pasteurized milk with the possibility of BGH(Bovine Growth Hormone) in the dairy product or raw milk with necessary enzymes and good bacteria that is good for the digestive system. This  BGH drug injected into cows passed down into the milk has had devastating effects on the health of the consumer. People deserve a choice between raw or pasteurized milk.
            For the past few years. We have seen the USDA and the FDA being filled with Monsanto hacks to do their bidding creating law like S510 and regulations to stack the deck against those who will rival them.They will shut down their competition using the arm of the government through these agencies by saying raw milk is bad or toxic. Raw milk poses a threat on their monopoly in dairy production. We face the threat of corporatism taking over the food supply using the force of government to carry their domination in food production.
            I have to hand it these Amish folks for defying unjust laws giving people the choice with a product that is proven safe and has much more better health benefits than the corporate poison. What will restore freedom and liberty is not by the ballot box or a force of arms. It will come from many acts of defiance like this on a major scale that will make the genuine changes. This act of civil disobedience shows as the best example this is only the beginning of things to come.

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  1. I support raw milk but I have to question your headline. Are you talking about one terrorist, or more than one?