Thursday, February 3, 2011

Phony CIA Asset Al Quada Threatens Goldman Sachs and Wall Street Bankers

                Are the people on Wall Street trying to get public sympathy saying Al Qaeda in Yemen has it sights set on the Wall Street Bankers and Goldman Sachs? I am not for any act of terrorism on US soil. I rather see the people of Goldman Sachs and the other movers and shakers of Wall Street get arrested to face trials. People are angry at Wall Street and Goldman Sachs for what they did to the US economy and the stealing the worlds wealth.
                 To say Al Qaeda is threatening the Wall Street Robber Baron means they are trying to silence dissent of the people making everyone suspect. That means the man or woman who had their pension stolen by the Wall Street hustlers might be considered to be with Osama Been Dead Awhile if they are enraged that all they worked for all their lives is gone.
                  When we dare question TSA or the DHS. We were told we be classified as a domestic extremist. If we are gun owners or stand up for our rights n the Constitution were classified as the extreme fringe. I really think this is a phony threat to make more people labeled as might be working for Al Qaeda so we will stay quiet while the money addicts can steal with impunity without question or exposure of the crimes. This is just a tactic used so the Wall Street can keep getting away plundering the nation and if we dare show any discontent.We will be suspect being with Al Qaeda. Do not buy this phony threat.


  1. If Al CIAda takes out Goldman-Sachs and the other Wall Street bankers, it would prove that they are on the side of the people and I will convert to Islam out of gratitude. Unfortunately, Al CIAda never attacks the people that deserve death and mutilation because, of course, the people that deserve friends and close business associates of Al CIAda.

  2. I have come to suspect that Al Qaeda is just terrorism from the elites. Russia has theirs, Israel has theirs, the US has theirs, and UK as well. All seem to strike when that particular state needs them the most to impose whatever noose around 'we the people' they want.
    What a morbid, sad state of affairs indeed.


  3. Well Hell's bells... if that's the case we're ALL Al-CIADuh now.

    Methinks Al-CIADuh is kinda like the "Russian mafia".. (wink wink)

  4. Guys Gals

    Another ploy to divert attention from the bowels of lower Manhattan wailing Wall Street organized crime, and Park Avenue Parasites.

    The diversion to focus on Black Dark poor indigenious peoples of the world while the mathematical impossibility theft and confiscation of USA populace labor property and assets is accelerated......

    Its the mother of all under performance and underachiever results. Al CIAduh Too Big To Fail versus 'We the People.'

  5. Mathematical impossibility, or taking the deficit to where no math has gone before?

    One million seconds = 11 days.

    One trillion seconds = 33,000 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone have a feeling there will be offers made which cannot be refused?

  6. More bait...

  7. The notion of a world wide terrorist organization is obviously a fable. Were it not however, I can't imagine a better target for them. Maybe we could have Cheney order NORAD and the rest to stand down until the job is done. (^v^)