Saturday, February 5, 2011

Video Footage Shows Houston Police Officers Attacking Teen

              Before we turn in our guns because the government say the people can not be trusted with deadly force. Well we better think twice because how Police Officers are behaving with the force they use is now excessive and even fatal. We pay police officer to protect our life liberty and property. Not to be revenue generators or political arm to keep everyone in line with a Police State as the rear guard to protect the corrupt political class from the people.
               Houston Police officers in surveillance footage were seen beating up a teen that was suppressed by the judge for months. Now the footage has been shown to the public. To me there was no excuse or valid reason for these officers to kick and punch the suspect when we shown no sign of resisting arrest when he put his hands behind his head.Even after he was handcuffed they still beat on him.
                 I am not taking into considerations if the suspect was guilty or not. My concern is the conduct of the Houston Police Department and their lack of their professional attitude in high stress situations. This shows the lack of standards of people going into police work. I remember Police Officers had very high standards in who they hired. Old School Police Officers had a strong high expectation to be above the fray and maintain a cool head in the face of dangerous situations. They would never tolerated there own officers conducting themselves like these officers did. This video footage show the police were in no danger and it was not necessary to use excessive force after the suspect was subdued.
                What we see is trickle down tyranny. The Houston Police Department is taking orders from the Federal government on how the run the agency and to training their officers. What we see is when corrupt people handpicked by the Feds get into leadership positions inside the Police Departments. It reflects in the officers on the streets. People of Houston must get the Federal Government's influence out of the city government or things will get worse.

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