Sunday, February 13, 2011

Death of Texas A&M Student used to Push the Pro Vaccine Propaganda

           A college student death to bacterial meningitis happens. I understand the grief of the family who are experiencing the loss of their son Nicolis Williams who was a junior at Texas A&M. These things do happen and we can not explain why. Death is a part of life. I know the parents of the deceased student do have good intentions and want some good to come out of it. Now I see the pro vaccine crowd are using this students death to push to change the law.
           The policy on Texas A&M university is the students who live on campus had to get the vaccine supposed to prevent meningitis. This vaccine is not required for students who live off campus. The parents of the deceased student wants the law changed to make it mandatory for every student to get the vaccine who lives on campus and off campus. The news is saying if Nicolis William would have received the vaccine he would be living today. When Governor Rick Perry wanted to make a vaccine mandatory for all teenage girls as a way to prevent cervical cancer, The vaccine would not prevent cervical cancer as proven. Just like this vaccine to prevent meningitis. There are many strains of meningitis. One vaccine may take care one strain but not many other strains of meningitis. To say this injection would save this young students life is a half truth.
            Before the father  goes into the Texas State Legislator to get the law changed. He ought to know the first the devastating effects of vaccines had in the rise of autism and the autoimmune reactions that cause damage to the body. He ought to learn Flu shots do not prevent the flu and many other vaccines do more harm than good. To have him be used to lobby the state legislator in Austin by the Pharmaceutical companies is all about money for these mega drug companies. It has nothing to do with preventing meningitis. Just fallow the money. When students have to get this shot from a Doctor to live on campus. The shot is not for free. They have to pay up to $110.00 to get the vaccines from the Doctor. If the father gets the law changed. Who knows what the consequences will be and how broad a new law will be. This new law could try to make it mandatory for everyone not just college students.
             These news stories are just pro vaccine propaganda that if this student would have took the shot. He would be living and using the fear tactic to make everyone scared into getting a shot. What they do not tell you there is many strains of meningitis do exist and the vaccine might not do any good at all because there it only for one type of strain it is supposed to be good for.There is nothing saying wash your hands, have a healthy diet and get proper rest. What was being sold was the vaccine would have prevented this. It has nothing to do with stopping meningitis. Just follow the money.