Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Real Ceasar Chavez Story Needs To Be Told

            Today is the day the honor the activist Caesar Chavez for standing up for the rights of farm workers improving the working conditions. Many left wing radicals celebrate him with revised history to suit the political agenda. Today Caesar Chavez would be put on the Terrorist watch list and be considered a traitor to groups like La Raza. This activist in the 1970s was a grassroots activist standing up for a commendable cause unionizing and organizing for the rights of farm workers to have better wages and better working conditions.
            Caesar Chavez was a American of Mexican decent. He was not a perfect man and leftist hail his name as a man for the down trodden farm workers starting the United Farm Workers union.We see many Illegal aliens with the pro amnesty people in protest and rallies wearing shirts of Caesar Chavez only getting a partial picture of the man and the true history.Many hailing Caesar Chavez as their hero. If the truth ever came out. Many Illegal aliens would be shocked on his real position of illegal aliens.
             The true history of this activist does not fit the open border illegal immigration crowd If he were alive today. Many of these illegal alien activist groups would demonize him today. The truth is Caesar Chavez was not for open borders or amnesty for Illegal aliens. He stood up for rights for migrant workers who came here legally. He was for the people who obeyed the immigration laws. He seen the threat to how illegal immigration would under mine the wages and jobs of those who played by the rules. His people patrolled the southern border helping the border patrol to keep illegal immigrants from crossing over just like the Minutemen today are doing. He was a staunch in his opposition against illegal aliens taking away jobs from migrants who come here the right way.
               We need more like Caesar Chavez with the passion and determination today standing up for Americans and Legal immigrants. They are not in Washington DC anymore. Like Caesar Chavez was. We need to start being our own leaders. 


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