Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama Wants Illegal Aliens To Succeed?What About the Unemployed Americans?

                Lets get something clear. There is no such thing is a non criminal illegal alien. Anyone who does not enter the United States without proper documents though a lawful point of entry is breaking the law. What Obama said is another impeachable offense saying he does not want to deport them these Illegal aliens. But help them succeed. Is that aiding a abetting and giving aid and comfort to known fugitives who are breaking immigration law? People go to jail everyday for hiding their friends evading the police who have a bench warrant for not paying a traffic fine.
               What about the Americans who need jobs. People are looking for busboy and dishwasher jobs just to keep food on the table for their children. Illegal aliens are talking these jobs.It has been reported there is more illegal aliens with jobs in Texas than unemployed Texans. So how does Obama want Illegal aliens to succeed? Is this for a voting block that will go to the polls to ensure Democrats stay in power?Vote for gun control,welfare state and other freedom stealing laws that undermine our republican form of government?Does he want the Illegal aliens to succeed creating two new classes. The permanent underclass of Americans unemployed and the peon class of Illegal aliens taking all the jobs Americans used to do and willing to do.
               This is criminality at its best. Amnesty is part of the North American union that the congress has never been able to pass even if they change the name to the Dream Act. Not securing the border as required under the Constitution under Article 4 section 4 protecting the states from invasion are impeachable offences not only with Obama. Former President Bush,Clinton and Carter are to blame too for our borders being out of control. I think it is time we start impeachment proceedings on Obama and have federal Grand Jury investigation to all former Presidents alive complicit with the invasion of illegal aliens for many years. I think the time is if the US government will not deliver justice. I think the people will make their own way and deal with this illegal immigration problem once and for all. When the time comes. The American people will not do it with a smile.


  1. Get a clue sucker. Pres. B.O. is a NWO=OWO sell-out and a traitor. He sold you down the street yesterday and unless America wakes up, their children will be sold at birth. The Fed centralized banking system OWNS over 50% of the home equity in the U.S. and America refuses to blink and show discomfort over this matter. Like being tied to a chair by punks and pistol whipped only we are not tied to chairs and we don't have to take this garbage. Too many Americans are used to mewling on a day to day basis to really free themselves from their self-imposed slavery, the likes of which their ancestors threw off to come to America. Now too many Americans have been bred to embrace this submission. Pity's the word.

  2. Giving a new definition to the phrase Illegal alien..

    As soon as Israel implodes there will be about oh, let's see, how about a guess... how does long about six million homeless Israelis heading our way sound?
    Plenty of empty houses just waiting.
    Gotta be at least six million empty houses.

    All that's missing is the new Cadillac in the driveway.
    Oh, they get those too?

  3. Obama is anti American. He must be impeached.

  4. If you couldn't impeach Bush, how can you impeach Obama? If you can replace him, then you'll have Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin in the White House. Election fraud is the problem.

  5. The aliens are tryin' to help us!


  6. its funny how all this stuff is happening around the worl with civil war in lybia and ration in our or should i sayin YOUR nation germani and venezuela are buying billions in weapons and all you can speak about is how to kick us out. if you dint know most of the soilders fighting are mexicans or hispanics so dont give us this b.s that we are criminals we would die for this country even though it keeps us down. the dream act was meant to help us because we are the future of this nation but you republicans an some democrates voted againts it because you dont want to see us poor hispanics prosper and have good homes live in your neighborhood. I am 19 years old and i bet i know more about how things are run here than you would ever know. How about you stop writing this b.s. and focus and what really is happening in this world

  7. Can't we all just get along wuth each other and throw th bum liars out

  8. Get your paperwork in order or you have nothing to say regarding your rights in America. If you are here illegally, you're a criminal. Become a citizen or get out. There's actually a process in place to become an American if you would care to demonstrate that you mean what you say. Nobody is asking you to die for this country, but rather become a respectable part of it.

  9. Of course he wants them to succeed! He himself is an illegal alien.

  10. your right there is a way to become a legal citizen but they make impossible to do so.it shouldnt take 5000$ to do so and then wait 5 to 10 years. You also need to see that the u.s doesnt care if they are immigrants all that amtters now is classim. If your rich or poor and guess what whit these jobs that pay us 5 dollars an hour most of us are strugguling. I bet this person that wrote this article couldnt live a weeek in the shoes of an immigrant. They are trying to make it to were we cant even rent a house or apartment. They do not wana see us succed. i understand we cant just come here and expect to have all the rights americans have but you dont have the right to treat us like sick dogs not only is it bad in my opinion but its bad in what i think would be gods opinion. Then again most people try to potray it that if your not white and rich you probably end up in hell

  11. Mexicans,

    Listen. I understand your frustration and anger but to sit there and think we don't want you to succeed; as if we're incapable of competing with you in some twisted little reality-game in your heads, is the very attitude and arrogance that make us sick of you. You did this to YOURSELVES. We didn't make you this way. You made yourself that way.

    You came here ILLEGALLY and want to get mad at us for wanting you out. Shouldn't we have the right to see that you get out of our country when you shouldn't be here? If I invade your house and treat it as if it was my house and call you jealous or that you don't "want to see me succeed" by taking over your house ---- isn't that some dumb logic?

    To be honest, every American that stands against illegal immigration rather see the illegals take whatever education they gained from our schools and apply it IN MEXICO. Your country surely needs the help. We didn't ask you to come here and take our jobs, bring crime and diseases, gang-banging galore and draining our wealth.

    The truth of the matter, you people are a BURDEN to us, a PLAGUE. The cost associated with accomodating you is ENORMOUS despite whatever contributions you "think" you're providing. It doesn't cover what taxpayers have to cough up to give you "southern comfort" when you NEVER gotten that in your own country!

    You people are wrong and have the wrong attitudes about us. It's arrogance, and as long as you carry on like that, you'll get NO SYMPATHY from us. We want you out. You have worn out your welcome and it's evidene by the enforcement-only policies AIMED AT YOU (Mexicans!)

    This should be a lesson to you: Learn to respect others' countries, culture, laws, heritage, history....especially when you're under OUR MERCY since your country is a failure and a 3rd world DUMP!