Monday, March 28, 2011

The President Is Speaking Tonight.Have Your Shoval Ready to Scoop Up The Bull S*%T Ooozing Out Of The TV.

              Do you know I never sat through a speech or address the President Obama gives. I know what he is going to say. His words are manure wrapped up in a perfume package. It still stinks and care not to have it. It is funny we should ask when we had the Emergency Broadcasting System for years and now they are running test now so the President can interrupt any broadcast to give us announcements from our emperor being on every channel
               I think this is next if the ratings of his televised address to the nation gets low ratings worse than any sitcom in the Nealson ratings. I can say no one wants to watch this liar. People can protest in a simple way that works. They can turn the TV off and click on another cable channel. Me I will not waste my time Watching the address because I know what he is going to say before he says it which is Bull S*&t.
               I know this is a public relations move by the Administration to convince the American people this a just war when we are tired of wars. This war is not popular at all. I know he will read from a teleprompter that are not his words but written by his handlers to spew propaganda. The best thing we can do to show we do not believe you anymore is not to watch him. Turn off the TV.Watch a movie or change the channel. We can help President Obama make history. That is giving the lowest dismal ratings of any Presidential address in history. Buy not watching and listening to him will send a message of no confidence. By turning off the TV sends the message we will not listen to the propaganda machine anymore. That would make an impact that will drive them crazy with fear. The final choice is have your shovel ready because the BS will ooze out of the TV screen stinking up the place.


  1. Never mind the shovel, fired up the backhoe, gonna need the BIG bucket..

  2. This speech will smell worse than roadkill. The skunks are jealous. Obama's inner child is trying to say something.

  3. why don't you simply NOT watch TV... throw the set out... THAT is how it is done...
    No TV, no bullshit... and DON'T read the so-called "news"paper crap either. THAT is a better mode of a peaceful revolution