Sunday, March 20, 2011

List of Common Foods Rich In Iodine.

          While many people are panic buying looking for Iodine on the Health Food Store shelves. Before we go spend a wad of cash while merchants will price gouge taking advantage of the panic. Some foods are rich in iodine already. If you eat these foods. You might overdose because too much can be hurt too if taken in large quantities if you buy the Iodine tablets if you eat an Iodine rich diet Be careful.  Here is a list of foods that are rich in iodine.

Iodized Salt 100 grams 3000 mcg
Cereals and Breads 100 grams 10-11 mcg
Meat 100 grams 26-27 mcg
Vegetables 100 grams 32-33 mcg
Fruits 100 grams 4-5 mcg
Haddock 100 grams Almost 300 mcg
Malt bread 100 grams 29-30 mcg
Haddock 100 grams 300 mcg
Jaffa cakes 100 grams More than 32 mcg
Naan Bread 100 grams 28-29 mcg
Trifle 100 grams 60 mcg
Mayonnaise 100 grams 35-36 mcg
Cod 100 grams More than 90 mcg
Boiled Egg 1 egg 23.76 mcg
Low Fat Yogurt 1 cup 87 mcg
Strawberries 1 cup 13 mcg
Kelp 0.25 cup 415 mcg
Cow Milk (2%) 1 cup 58-59 mcg
Gouda Cheese 40 grams 13.6 mcg
Raw Oyster 13-14 grams 21-22 mcg
Ice Cream 45-50 grams 9.6-9.7 mcg
Cheddar Cheese 1 ounce 5-20 mcg
Cottage Cheese Half cup with around 2 % milk fat 25-70 mcg

Aram ,
Cheddar cheese 
Cheese cake 
Condensed milk 
Fish oils    
Fresh fish    
Iodized salt 
Jaffa cakes 
Malt bread 
Naan Bread 
Sea foods 
Sea kelp 
Sea salt    
Yorkshire pudding

I am hearing from many experts is to avoid sugar in products like candy and soda too to assit the body in counter acting radioactive particles in the body. Pray and remember Japan too. God Bless

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