Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buyer Beware Buying Iodine Pills Avoid Getting Ripped Off and Scammed

             I seen this before. I been through hurricanes and dodged a bullet when these major storm did not hit. In these times of crisis. There are those who will try to make a fast dollar on a panic and demand. When I lived in the state of Florida. There is anti price gouging laws on the books so people can not jack up the prices in a state of emergency.The state enforces the laws and makes an example of anyone caught doing this practice.
            The the worst catastrophes so bring the best out in people and bring the worst out too. In the recent earthquakes in Japan causing radio active particles being carried by the wind currents to the United States.There has been panic buying on potassium iodine. Many will just seek an opportunity to be profiteers and rip people off charging exorbitant prices for a product that is inexpensive, Now people are getting caught price gouging taking advantage of the fears of people to increase the profit margin.
              In China. The Chinese government shut down websites sell phony pills scamming on the fear of the public.  The Food and Drug Administration  has issued a buyer beware of selling the fake iodine pills from not reputable companies . I have not seen any confirmed reports yet of people getting caught selling placebos saying they are iodine pills.May those scoundrels rot in a jail cell.
             Price gouging should not be tolerated when there is a need. It is not right.It is morally wrong I lived through hurricanes and had to deal with going with weeks and days without power and safe drinking water. I seen some merchants jack up prices on generators and bottled water. Now since we have this bombing in Libya. We should, go arrest those people raising the price on a barrel of oil who work for the oil companies since this crisis is not limited to iodine pills. Anyone who created artificial scarcity and seeks to profit off a crisis as merchants selling iodine pills or the commodity speculators on Wall Street. To wall street and the oil companies.To the venders selling these pills. Price gouging is a criminal act and we should not tolerate it anymore. We been ripped off and looted long enough.

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  1. expected a more technical viewpoint. how much per day, shelf life, are the offerings as good as government issue.
    we already know scalpers piss us off.