Thursday, March 24, 2011

Obama's Hypocrisy on Libya ,Homeland Security ,and the TSA

               Last night listening to Texas perspective hosted by Texas Nationalist President Daniel Miller hit the nail right on the head about why we are in Libya exposing Obama's hypocrisy. This war is total hypocrisy. An oxymoron at it best. To hear President Obama's rationalization why the United States military has been ordered to attack Libya.The justification is because the Libyan dictator oppressing his own population's right to alter and abolish their own form of government.
               What a hypocrite this President is. How can this administration say this when his own people he has appointed.These very people written the MIAC report were Patriots,gun owners,private property rights advocates,anti war activist,people against the Federal Reserve system,state sovereignty movements,state secession movements,constitutionalists,Ron Paul supporters,Bob Barr supporters, Libertarian Party members,conservatives and most of all veterans.Especially the battle hardened ones returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. All the above have been labeled a national security threat by the Department of Homeland Security. Free Speech by the Obama Administration is now a crime that must be silenced and they want to criminalize political speech to send a chilling effect not to speak out.
                What about the TSA? We know those people who want to scan our naked bodies and want to have us felt up with enhanced pat downs. The very incompetent people who will shake down an old woman in a wheelchair and confiscate her nail clippers. At the same time can not detect a pistol on aperson boarding a plane. The thieves in uniform who will steal from our luggage. The agency who will fine us $5000 for exercising our constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizures asserting our fourth amendment rights. It is insane.
                 To hear President Obama say we are attacking Libya because the dictator is abusing his people and oppressing them.Keeping his own people from exercising their human rights is utter nonsense and hypocrisy at its worst.Never mind the United States abuses their own people over here through the IRS,FBI,DHS and the TSA as a tool to harass political enemies . It is one of things were Jesus says before we remove the spec in someone else's eye.Remove the beam in our own before we act.The US Government needs to mind its own business in the affairs of the other nations and get out of the personal lives of Americans.We have enough a mess here to deal with without making new messes abroad.  I hope this President gets impeached.


  1. Shapiro vs. Thompson 394 U.S. 618, 89 S Ct 1322:

    All Citizens [People] must be free to travel throughout the United States uninhibited by statutes, rules, or regulations."

  2. Don't blame Obama-rama, whatcha expect from wood...

  3. Freedom of speech is so strong in America that the news televisors can run lies and phony data and call it factual news on the public airwaves or private cable networks. YOU can say that Raum Emanuel and Barok Obama have been frequenting a gay steam bath in Chicago for years. But you can not say there is evidence Obama wears a mask of Ann Coulter during intimate moments. That would be slander.