Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NATO This Cold War Relic Needs To Be Dissolved.

                In the light of this recent attacks on Libya.Seeing German Forces pulling out of NATO. Since the collapse of the old Soviet Union and along with the Warsaw Pact dissolving. The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance was a pact that if the a communist country decided to invade western Europe.If a sovereign nation in NATO was attacked by the Soviet Union. Every country would to come their aid.There was a time this alliance served its purpose. NATO now is a cold war relic that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs.
                Now it looks like NATO has out served its usefulness and needs to be dissolved  as the Warsaw Pact did at the end of the cold war. NATO now has itself involved in the internal affairs of other nations and interjected itself were it does not belong going far beyond its original purpose.NATO is now the coalition of the aggressors.It serves no purpose anymore since the Cold war ended.
                  Look at what NATO has been involved with since the collapse of communism in eastern Europe and the old USSR. It has not served as a force of stability. Look at the bang up job they did in the Balkans and Afghanistan. Now they were attacking Libya.During the Cold War.This compact was supposed to contain Soviet Aggression into Western Europe. Now they are involved in operations outside its original intent. Now they are in countries that never attacked nations who signed the treaty. Libya never attacked, Afghanistan never made an aggressive move toward a country in the NATO alliance. The conflict in the Balkans never posed no threat to NATO countries. Than why is NATO involved? Has it now become an extension of the United Nations now?It looks like the UN used this alliance as a cover to me in all these NATO missions. What do you think?
                 I wish our leaders would heed to the father of our country George Washington. In our first President's farewell address. He warned us to stay out of entangling alliances. Our nation is in such deep trouble because of our entangling alliances. Being entangled with the United Nations,free trade agreements,The North American Union or better know as the Security Prosperity and Partnership and NATO has really put a toll on our nation in more ways than one.
                  I think it is time to dissolve NATO as a start.It is a beginning to start undue these entangling alliances that threaten our sovereignty.All these treaties and agreements do more harm than good to this great nation and our independence. NATO is a good start since it out served its usefulness and no longer needed since the Cold War is over. There is nothing wrong with temporary agreements to ensure the security of our borders and shores. Once the threat is gone. The alliance dissolves. Never should there be any long term entanglements that out serve its usefulness. NATO no longer serves a purpose like it did during the cold war. When the Cold War was over . NATO should have been dissolved when the Soviet threat ended.


  1. NATO is not as big of a problem as the allances with Israel. Israel makes heros of convicted individual like J. Pollard. We have people like J. Pollard who have openly stated that he has a duty to preform for Israel over his own nation. It is time to cut Israel loose and wish it well but stop providing the financial flood of USA tax dollars. The dollars apparently only cause problems and not security for the USA or Israel.

  2. They tried to keep NATO as an alliance of hooligans to intervene on behalf of the agenda of the few at the cost of all: Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Now having learned their lessons they have created another alliance between Great Britain (the original founders of NATO) France and the USA, excluding Germany and Russia. Looks like the world before 1914. The purpose? Interventions world wide for corporate profits. No more nations, no more states, no more universal values but CORPORATE STATES and their interests. That is why the Middle East is being turner up side down!

  3. NATO these days is merely a way for certain US/UK aggressors to get support for their illicit criminal wars.

    If NATO continues to exist, maybe it should be renamed to North Atlantic Terror Organization, at least that matches what it does.

  4. It's a dinosaur!

  5. As always, I agree with you one hundred percent.

    Yeah, this is a UN war. Pat Buchanan is calling is Obama's War , etc, etc ... no, this is a UN war. And what is the UN? It's no a nation, it's not a government, no one's ever been elected to it and it certainly has never been militarily attacked by Libya. It's a private corporation.

    Kind of like the British & Dutch East India Companies.

  6. NATO was ratified by US Congress in 1949. The heart of NATO was Article V, which set its key purpose as collective defense. It has no authority to act as an offensive force unless a member nation is attacked. It was never intended to be a blank check for military adventurism. So we should get OUT NOW! check