Monday, March 21, 2011

I will not Sacrifice My Children For Imperial Wars.

            As a parent with two boys who still are enjoying the innocence of their youth . It really frightens me what kind of America I will leave behind for them.This government is not our government anymore.It serves the bankers and Wall street. The Military is not an force of good anymore and does not protect our borders anymore so our nation is secured from invasion. The armed forces does not defend the freedoms our decedents fought,bled and died for to preserve.It serves the Robber Barons and Mega Corporations to steal a country's natural resources. We are the evil empire now. Not the USSR. We are the aggressor.The oppressor of the world.A force of destruction.
            What can we do to keep them out of harms way. One is sign every form the school has that does not allow any military recruiter access to my children's records or them in person. In the State of Texas. There is bill pending in the State House. When a male turns 18.If this bill becomes law.This new law will automatically constitute consent registering for Selective Service when a male turns 18 years old or older as a condition to renew his drivers license.We have to watch out and make sure none of these types of bills never slip under the radar with cunning underhanded methods by scurrilous Politicians. If this legislation becomes law. Will we see like we saw in the 1960s,and the 1970s seeing people burning their draft cards in front of the Post Office in mass protest? I see many young people cutting their drivers license in protest in an act of civil disobedience as a public statement to show defiance against this corrupt system that no longer serves the American people..
             If I am going to sacrifice my offspring to war. Let it be to defend the Rio Grande River from invasion. Not for the oil barons or the Bankers. If we love our children. We need to protect them from an imperial government hell bent building an empire.This imperial dictatorship must be defeated before it is too late. The time for talk is over. Now we move to get results.


  1. but we supply the cannon fodder for the nwo. dont you realize that yet. that is why we are the most favored nation. the day we stop sending our young men and women to protect the assets of the elites, is the day we are no longer useful and they turn us into a 3rd world dump.

  2. I had signed a similar form in Idaho years ago, only to find that when we applied for FAFSA for college loans that we were required to sign up.. It royally pissed me off!!

  3. My sons will die alongside their father taking down this corrupt government and the bankers that control it.

  4. Yes, you register. And you write "CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR" all over it in big letters, keep copies, and submit it. I'm Mennonite, and that's what I did, and so did my other church members.

  5. I have an autistic son and when he turned 18 they sent him a letter demanding I register him. I submitted the paperwork begrudgingly because he was threatened that he could not get any student loans of help if he didn't register. But I agree, I see your sweet young sons and I don't want my son fighting any wars period. Wars are so evil and they are only fought for the rich to enrich themselves. If we tax the shit out of the rich there will be no more wars.

  6. Anyone who has experienced being processed at an induction center is aware of the odd practice at the “swearing in” ceremony. The inductees are told to take a step forward, raise their right hand and repeat the oath. Why would they be required to take a step forward? Because taking a step forward is the universal act of volunteering. Raising their hands and repeating the oath is an additional voluntary act. The constitution prohibits involuntary servitude, so it must be voluntary. Legislation can require you to report to an induction center, but it cannot require you to volunteer.

  7. If you love your kids you'll make sure they
    have second passports. We already had 2 other
    passports so during Vietnam we were all ready
    to leave if drafted. My parents made sure my
    brothers and I all had homes and schools in 3
    countries so we could leave on a moments notice
    if drafted. If you can't get foreign
    citizenship for your kids through lineage then
    find a way, any way to work abroad for the 5
    years it generally takes. A good friend with 2
    US born children worked in Europe for 7 years
    to get herself and her kids EU citizenship and
    passports. Why do you think Angelina Jolie had
    her last 2 children in France? So they could have a French passport, that's why. Another friend just adopted 2 US born boys, they are moving to Germany next month to start the process for them, to protect them from any draft nonsense

  8. If they actually start drafting people for these idiotic imperialist wars then I would think and I would hope that would be the tipping point. Until then there seems to be an adequate supply of fools and suckers willing to "fight for our freedom."

    At least your boys have the benefit of a mother who realizes what's happening. Many don't and are fed the bullshit growing up.

  9. War will stop only when soldiers refuse to wage it. Soldiers, put your guns down.

  10. Wise decision. I lost a son and daughter to this insanity. They're with me in the flesh for now, but their minds are gone and their bodies are deteriorating rapidly from chemicals & crud they were exposed to in Iraq. It was never meant for parents to bury their kids.

  11. There's nothing wrong with serving a couple of years in the Army.

    Get a grip sissies.

  12. "Get a grip sissies."
    Monday, 21 March, 2011

    Sir, What was your rank, branch of service & dates you served? I don't assume anyone served until those basics are addressed. And do you have any children conceived by you?
    Col.James B. Morehead

  13. Let's not split hairs. First, let's murder the children!

  14. Read what Smedley Butler, 2-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, says about war. As far as I'm concerned, war is murder disguised as patriotism.

  15. The fastest way to end the wars is to institute the draft. Being asleep at the switch for the last 35yrs will no longer be an option. The kids(their parents should have) will get interested since their asses will be used for canon fodder. I say let's bring back the draft and get this over with. As a Vietnam veteran, I know what I'm talking about and what is at stake

  16. ...what is nexr???...a mandatory military service??? No way!!! People of Texas, you have to pressure yours legislators to stop this bill!!!Do what is right for your state!!! It is up to you!!! Time is NOW!!!