Sunday, March 20, 2011

Young Boy and His Grandmother Pulled From Wreckage Nines Days After Quake Alive

             It never ceases to amaze about the miracles of survival after the the most horrific distastes when there is a glimpse of hope of people alive. I recall the tale of a person found barely alive in car for days after car was crushed under freeway in the San Fransisco Earthquake in 1989. Miracles do happen showing the human spirit overcomes the most harshest conditions nature can throw at them and lived to tell their story.
              It is reported Japan there was another miracle of a grandmother and her grandson were pulled from the rubble after a powerful tsunami destroyed the city were found alive after being crushed and trapped for nine days. A few day before. A man was found 10 miles out in sea holding on to the roof of his home when the giant seismic wave crashed into his town
               It just amazes me hearing about true stories of survival under the impossible when all hope is lost finding people alive. The miracle happens when people defy the odds and overcome to stay alive. This is one of the bright spots I would like to hear. That is when good news is the best news to hear.

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