Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Texas State Budget Woes.Pending Legislation Could Mean Four Day Work Week For Public Education and Other State Agencies If Passed Into Law

             Last week the teachers all demonstrated on the State Capital Steps in Austin Texas about the 10 billion dollar cuts to the education budget.Would do these cuts mean? Is this austerity measures were we have to pay more in taxes and accept less services so it all can go to the Wall street oligarchs.Plus all the bankers to pay a debt we do not owe. In Texas and nationwide could be the real summer of rage by Teachers and State workers fighting budget cuts.
            One of the items being proposed is reducing the school week from a five day  week to a four day week. There is a bill in the Texas house filed HB1326 would make a four day school week a reality.I do not know if that is good or bad. Because Public school education is broken. There is another bill filed HB1652 cutting the hours of operations and to a four day work week to state agencies too. I wonder what vital services will be cut and what parasitic agencies will be the ones that will not be affected by the budget cuts because they will generate revenue.
            No ones know what the backlash will be if these bills become law. It will be ugly just like Wisconsin or worse. If State lawmakers were really serious about making real cuts. They start trimming the top heavy bureaucracies of useless paper pushers making six digits a year salaries that creates more inefficiency and incompetence. It is time to eliminate all these sacred cows in the bureaucracy if they are really serious.
             Neither the teachers and state workers should not have to suffer to pay the Bankers,the Walls Street oligarchs and preserving the Status Quo in the bureaucracies that really serve no purpose but reward incompetence and not cost effective efficiency.Texas is a unique State. This could get really ugly if the state legislator ever decides to bring these bills to the floor for a vote.It could make Wisconsin look like a boy scout pow wow.We will just wait and see.


  1. I really don't have any problem with this as long as they put in the same hours for their pay. Or cut their pay for less hours. It would be one thing if the schools were teaching the truth about anything. If they had we might not be in the jam we're in. Ya know, truth about history, economics,wars, govt. We've got dumbed down kids at any rate.

  2. Texas - you're already headed for this; have been for years. Why bother with education at all? I mean, most of your folks get sent to prison anyway. Why not start at age 4? Kinder-prison. That is, if enough of your constituents are still roaming free to serve as guards. Then everyone can become either a prison guard or a prisoner. Money? Oh ... just expand your present prison slave labor and get rid of the fake medical care. 'Let um die. Now That's Texas!

  3. I love this idea! Kids shouldn't be in schools that teach to a test, more than they have to. I've seen what little education kids get in school, and w/o it, they will grow up more moral, and better educated, if their parents spend that day teaching their own.

  4. Well, if all Texas wants to do is teach to the test it shouldn't take more than a few hours a day four days a week to do this...and, as a former Texas certified public school teacher who taught 7 years before homeschooling my kids, it was true that teaching to the test was getting to be the norm--back in 1995! It'll get to be that you have to pass the ACT before you can graduate...the heck with the THEA...

  5. Home-schooled kids don't do better. The public system is much like the world kids MUST enter when they are finished school...the REAL WORLD.

    De-funding schools in the name of austerity is pathetic. It's no wonder most kids don't know anything about life outside the county they were born in.