Sunday, March 20, 2011

The US Congress Sleeps While Libya Burns

                When did Libya attack us? I heard no reports of the Libyan Army massing on the other side of the Rio Grande. I heard nothing in Canada either about Libyan soldiers ready to march across.There is no Libyan Naval force off our coast to threaten the shores. Was there a declaration of war by both houses of congress? Where is it in the Constitution for the President to use force on a sovereign nation without congress's approveal. When did it become our job to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations? We are hearing nothing from congress except of Congressman Ron Paul who has been a staunch against these undeclared wars that are no more than a quagmire now draining this countries wealth. When did congress cede its authority to the Untied Nations to attack Libya.We never told Congress they are off the hook from their Constitutional responsibilities they have sworn to uphold.
                Ever since congress gave away its constitutional authority to the Federal Reserve Bank.It repealed the Constitution telling Congress it is no longer their obligation anymore to coin and value the currency.The Federal Reserve Act took away from Congress that obligation to protect the value of the dollar and put it in the hands of Private Banking Cartel.Almost 100 years later we are in dire straights because Congress will not take back control of the Dollar
                 When the Untied Nations was founded in 1945 in San Fransisco and Congress approved the UN Charter.The last war declared by Congress was World War II. Ever since the United Nations came into being. There was the Korean war that ended in a tie and a cease fire. There was Vietnam War that ended with the United States losing the war even though we won many battles on the Battle field.Through the United Nations operations. What was won in battle was lost at the negotiating table when the UN was in charge. All these wars were undeclared not approved by Congress as mandated by the Constitution.
                 Now we look at Libya. Yes there is fighting among the people and the leadership in the government.The fighting did not spill over borders of other nations?There was no reason for the United States and NATO to attack this sovereign nation.The only reason why we are in Libya is so the Robber Barons and the International Bankers can jack up the price on a barrel of oil for profit. The reason why power to declare war was given to Congress and not the President. Congress is a Bicameral legislative body. The upper chamber the US Senate consisted of Two senators from each state originally selected by State legislators prior to 1913 and now voted in by popular vote by the 17th Amendment. Congress represented the will of the State Government in the Senate and the will of the people in the House of Representatives.The President can only carry our laws passed by Congress. He could not act on his own.Congress was a check on the power of the executive branch.
                  This vital check was in place to keep the President from becoming an imperial dictatorship.They learned from King George III and his reign. Now congress is failing in its responsibilities putting a check on the executive power who is starting conflicts without a declaration of war from congress.We have no business invading and bombing Libya. I see now when we try again to elect people to the next congress. We have to ask them the same question will you uphold your oath to preserve our liberties. We also have to ask these future candidates.Will they take their responsibility serious enough not to allow the President to start wars without congress making that declaration and taking back the dollar from the Federal Reserve. If congress will not act. It will be to their own downfall.



  2. I keep telling you, but you don't listen. The European crown countries, England especially, can't pay their bills so Skull and Bones (Jolly Roger flying for over 300 years) presidents and their boy-toy placebo-rivals have been selling out U.S. blood and fortune to prop them up and gain the miscreant recognition to which they aspire. With very few exceptions, congress has no class, and they have no balls. I thank you, and good-night.

  3. 4million dead since 911 and umm yeh, we are here to protect civilians in libya, just as Egypt was merging with the rebels.