Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hearings In the Texas Legislator Scheduled Reviving the NAFTA Super Highway/Trans-Texas Corridor

               On March 31 2011.The Texas House Committee on Transportation has public hearings scheduled to discuss legislation possibly bringing back the NAFTA Super Highway/Trans-Texas Corridor.This  was defeated after massive public opposition in the Lone Star State. People living along I-35 would have their land stolen through Eminent Domain laws to turn it over to a Spanish owned company Cintra based out of Spain. This really stirred the outrage not only the theft of land. But it was the sovereignty of Texas that was in peril. The reason because this Super highway was part of a much deeper plan to erase the borders between the United States, Canada and Mexico called to form a super state like the EU called the North American Union.This really created the public backlash because of the secrecy behind it. The SPP/NAU was signed without the consent from Congress was part of what fueled the public opposition.
               Thanks to the recent alert given by Texas Campaign For Liberty sending out this legislative alert. With the crisis in Japan as a result of an Earthquake.The radiation going into the atmosphere from nuclear reactors and the attacks on Libya. This is when we need to really pay attention at home to see what is being done under the radar when the public is distracted looking in one direction away from what is really happening. This is when a lot of underhanded tactics are used to slip bad bills through when the public is not looking in their direction.
                 Right now there will be hearings on two bills if passed by the legislator and signed by the Governor would bring back the Trans-Texas Corridor?NAFTA Super Highway. HB-3789 filed by State Representative Larry Phillips who is the Chairmen of the House Transportation Committee .Also HB-2432 filed by State Representative John Davis. Both these bills establishes public-private partnerships that privatizes tolls roads and gives sweetheart deals were there is no public accountability and no financial disclosure. These bills must not make it out of committee and be defeated. Lets not get too distracted and fixated on what is going on abroad.Pay attention always.We have to keep our eyes on what is going right on here in our own backyard too.

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