Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oxymoron Alert! Sarah Brady Honoring The Late President Ronald Reagan For Reasonable Gun Control?

             Sarah Brady Honoring now the Late 40th President Ronald Reagan for gun control efforts? To bring people up to speed about who Sarah Brady is. She is the wife is former Reagan Press Secretary James Brady who was shot by John Hinkley in an attempt to assassinate the President. The wounds disabled James Brady since that day. Sarah Brady now an activist for the organization called Handgun Inc. This is an anti second amendment organization seeking to disarm the people from owning firearms. Handgun inc was behind the passage of the Brady Bill under President Bill Clinton that was defeated in the US Supreme Court ruling unconstitutional.
              The real hypocrisy of the gun control crowd. In the period in time. Former Beatles singer and musician John Lennon was slain by gunman David Chapman.There was signs and protesting with people calling for gun control in Central Park in New York City. When John Hinkley attempted to kill President Reagan who was mentally unstable being armed.There was never a cry from these same protesters calling for gun control at the time.
               Now Sarah Brady is now honoring the Late President Reagan for reasonable gun control? He is public enemy number one among the some leftist. I never recall Reagan proposing any gun control legislation during his eight years in office or restricting gun ownership in any way. If anyone can tell me any different.Please let me know. I find this very unusual because conservatives are the enemy to gun control. Is Sarah Brady try to woo the Reagan conservatives in the GOP to embrace gun control? There is an ulterior motive because the gun control pundits have lost making the case for gun control.Because gun control does not work has been proven and the argument has no more credibility. To Sarah Brady I am no fan of Ronald Reagan. All I can say the only reasonable gun control is not wasting ammunition by hitting the target.Honoring a late President I think is an act of desperation.

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