Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama's Viewer Ratings Decline 12 Percent SInce Last Televised Address

             The Presidents Televised Speech on Libya rating declines 12 percent since last August when he made the speech about Iraq according to Entertainment Weekly.I can tell you my kids were annoyed because they wanted to watch the Simpsons on Fox and was interrupted by this speech.My children love to watch the local News and learn about current events. If my kids do not want to watch the liar in chief. This President is really pathetic if he can not sucker the children. To most everybody this was a waste of time to hear him speak. I did not watch the speech. I was listening to Podcast of Mike Rivero which has more substance than all the symbolism the government likes to put on display.
             The decline in ratings of these Televised speeches shows the propaganda machine is not working anymore and really have no confidence in Barrack Obama's leadership to lead this nation.This is good news for the opposition. After his speech. There was another drop in his approval rating as president reached an all time low.No wonder Jimmy Carter is smiling now.
             If these ratings keep dropping like this. I can see the next step is he will use the Emergency Broadcast System were every TV and Radio station is wired into FEMA mandated by the FCC.If we will not listen to him. Then he will try to make us listen to him if we like it or not. I do not believe it will work because every time he opens his mouth making a speech over the Gulf Oil Spill,Iraq or Libya.He loses support. If he is going to take the next step getting in our faces using this system against our will to be lied to.His approval rating will fall to the single digits were 42 percent approval will seem like being a celebrity. I rather the President just go watch ESPN Sportscenter the rest of his days in office. Maybe doing nothing is the best move he ever made that is good for the country.


  1. Obama
    and betrayal.

  2. If we are really lucky they won't pass the budget, then we won't have to listen to his
    spew at all! Hey...I can dream can't I?
    that's not against the law, yet.

  3. Obama = World #1 Terrorist. After all he is the only one currently invading other countries. Why doesnt he withdraw all international troops and spend some time and money on the US People. I'm sure they would appreciate improved schools, hospitals, infrastructure, medical services. If he did this the international community would really appreciate it as well. To bad he is a war mongering fool.

  4. Someone in the secret service, or one of the "help" really need to do the right thing and frag his a$$. First monkey and the monkey young ens as well. He's served the interests of the bankers and military industrial corporations to the further detriment of our liberties and prosperity.

    If a thief enters your home, most of you are willing to kill the thief, yet...Obama can further destroy your wealth, kill & maim millions of foreigners and you>we>I do nothing.

    Shame on us!

    Death to zionists!
    Death to the Rothschilds, the Kuhn Loebs, the Warburgs, the Blankfeins, the Rubins, the Rockefellers, the Goldman Sachs/Chase/Lazarus criminals and others.

    They say we are all being profiled and intel amassed as we surf the net. This comment should get me brownie points, ya?

  5. Obama= toy boy of the elitists.

  6. He's a good actor though...

  7. NobodysaysBOO:
    NEVER watch any millionaires DO ANYTHING, they always lie and cheat.
    NOBODY even the blacks ever believed him on anything.
    Never listen to the black obomaniation or his butt ugly wifey and kids (who go to ski resorts but cant ski! "Just get in whities face!,do they have birth certificates?