Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Resolution Filed In Texas State House Stands Up To The EPA Asserting State Rights.

            Texas is an oil state. You drive around and see the refineries and oil wells pumping in the field depending on part of the State you live in. That all can be a thing of the past if the Obama administration has its way using the EPA as an enforcement arm to shut down this vital industry in the Lone Star State. It has become very clear the Environmental Protect Industry is not their anymore for clean air making sure corporate recklessness does not become a public health threat.
           The EPA now attacks economic and human activity.Activity that is normal and routine like breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Last winter for one day we had rolling blackouts because the EPA was ordering plants to shut down so a plant does not exceed its carbon credit emissions. Since the present administration occupying the White House did not get Congress to pass Cap and Trade Legislation that would have been a blow to the economy. That did not stop this rogue President's determination from getting his way.
           Since the President did not get Cap and Trade passed in the Senate. He decided to usurp power and use the regulatory process to implement Cap and Trade. The State of Texas decided they will refuse to comply with these draconian regulations concerning carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. The State government seen these new rules were based a data proven to be a fraud and discredited by many in the scientific community. The President did a hostile take over of taking over the issuing permits to refineries and power plants. The EPA has been ordering the shut down of power plants and oil refineries with no law making the regulations so hard to comply with. It would be costly to start them up and keep operating. It would also through red tape make it impossible to get a new permits.
           I have to commend Texas Attorney Greg Abbott for his valiant fight taking on the EPA in Federal Court. If these EPA rules go into full force. The people of Texas would see a spike in their electric bills and at the gas pumps. This rise in cost complying with these draconian rules has been passed on in the rise of food prices and necessary consumables people need.  His efforts did not bring any immediate success yet. He is still be fighting the EPA with multiple lawsuits trying to stem and push back against a rogue agency that seeks to control human and economic activity in the name of saving the Earth. Texas will not fall to the Eco parasites in the EPA if the Attorney General stays relentless. Now the Texas Legislator is coming in against the EPA from another direction.
            Now a resolution was recently filed in the Texas State House. State Representative Jason Issac has filed HCR-81 sending notice to the Federal Government as a shot across the bow about the abuses of the EPA.The text points out the perverting the commerce clause in the Constitution  to restrict,even shut down economic activity violating the 9th and 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights concerning state sovereignty.
            If this resolution passes. It will put the Federal government on notice that Texas will fight back against the heavy hand using the EPA under the perverted use of the commerce clause to overstep where it was not the founders original intent. This Administration needs to be put back in the box. Even though this resolution is a half measure and really has no teeth. It is a step in the right direction.Even if it is a small one.


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  1. It's not that we don't all know that cap & trade is a total crock.But how is the engergy lobby affecting this issue.Quite honestly i've had my fill of Texas oilmen.Know what i mean?