Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proposal In The Texas Legislator Looking To Tax Internet Sales?

              I remember hearing about when during the early day in the country. We heard of Taxation without representation. Now we have Taxation without hesitation.There is a hearings going on in the Texas House Ways and Means committee on proposed internet tax.  Many supporters of the bill say a a tax on internet sales with companies connected to Texas would help bridge the gap of the 25 billion dollar shortfall. Many people do their shopping online to avoid paying the sales tax many retailers complain about.Some states do have very high sales taxes that do put a drag on the economy and come people will shop online to avoid these high sales taxes
               I do not know what to say about this. We should support our local merchants who do provide a service and a good product.Paying a sales tax might be the little sacrifice we might have to make to keep the local economy afloat.Speaking for myself.Texas has a very modest sales tax rate. If I can not find what I need in town avoiding Wal Mart altogether. I will shop online. If it is true that people not paying a sales tax hurts business in Texas because people can avoid it altogether paying shopping online. Maybe it will be good for competition. On the other hand everything the government touches does turn to S^&t

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  1. I think you mean "In the Texas Legislature" not Legislator. If there is a proposal in the Legislator himself, he might want to see a doctor and have it removed.