Thursday, March 24, 2011

Border Patrol Caught US Government Van With Foreign Nationals in US Military Uniforms.

                   There is foreign soldiers are on American soil planning to wage war on us. We should thank this Border Patrol Agent for being alert and asking the right questions about a US Government van traveling north approaching the point of entry into the United States through San Diego. This shows if they are bringing on foreign soldiers to suppress the American people?That means our Politicians do not trust the Military and Law Enforcement any more because many of them are catching on to the looming tyranny on the horizon.

                   We can not say that all government agents are bad and abusive. We do have a few good men. I mean a few good men. One of these good men is a Border and Customs agent. He might a be a former Marine or a Marine Reservist. This alert agent stopped a US Government van and asked the right questions when he seen something really suspicious. All the men in the van were wearing Marine Corps uniforms and had all their gear. The Agent asked the Driver what is the birthday of the United States Marine Corp.That date is drill into a Marine's head. The driver could not answer and did not speak English .All the passengers disguising themselves as Marines had the same name tag saying "Lopez".That was the other red flag that done them in. They could be former Mexican soldiers aiding in drug smuggling too. It is hard to say because our government is unwilling to address the issue either way.It is not good. It is hard to find out the real reason why these men were dressed in Military uniforms. Our government has betrayed us from so many directions. Everything is now suspicious the government is doing not above reproach anymore.

                     What is really sad. This agent might get fired or railroaded out of his job because He stopped a US Government Van and asked questions about who was riding in the vehicle. This former Marine done his job as a Border and Customs agent. I give this man many thanks for exposing what our government is really doing and what they plan on doing.

                  There has been many agreements with Canada,Mexico and the United States without the consent of congress to use each others soldiers to suppress the population in case of an uprising or civil unrest.This agreement is a part of the Security Prosperity and Partnership(SPP) as better known as the North American Union (NAU).Can these men be the advance force preparing for Martial Law in the United States?

                    It is my hope that this puts other agents on notice to check Government Vehicles coming across the southern border.I hope these sworn agents see government vehicles are no longer above reproach or suspicion. Regardless how the Obama administration tries to tie the hands of the Border Patrol and Customs agents. Under the worst circumstances being restricted doing their jobs to secure the border and the low moral in the agency. They are doing very their best under the worst conditions  The Border Patrol are some of the most patriotic people very dedicated to their jobs despite a few bad apples on the force. I thank this agent for doing his job. He may have saved his country in more ways than one from sure destruction. Sempler Fi


  1. The more I read about Qaddafi the more i believe it is a total set-up.

    'Net savvy users and people familiar with pictures, photo's and when and where they came from, indicate it is a U.S. / Israeli / British manipulated event to gain control of Libya's oil,gas and water.

    Qadaffi nationalized oil and was using the money to provide a type of universal health-care for his people. Many other reasons it's a fraud, BEWARE the power and treachery involved.

  2. We have received warnings many times over, how long will it take American people to wake up and keep watch, there is a war like a cancer getting ready to burst forth, and our government IS part of the enemy within... I pray our soldiers and police side with the people against the tyranny ! America, quit acting like dumb animals and prepare, because they are going to try..

  3. When the trouble started in Egypt HENRY KISSENGER was asked for his view on it, what he said was very interesting, he said “ This is only the first Scene of the first act of a drama ...”. All this is the drama

  4. There are Mossad all over the place. Using illegal everything. Everything they do is illegal.

    When caught the conversation goes something like this..

    Oh, sorry. We didn't know you were Israelis.
    Would you like to kill anyone else before you leave?

  5. Yes, the United States is now Israel's Zombie state, everybody knows that

  6. If you are not Jew Wise and Racially Aware, then you are a lost fool.

  7. Fyi.

    The name tags said "Perez" not "Lopez"
    and if you noticed the plates on the van what caught their eye was the fact that they, the Cartel operators with Two Americans onboard tried to make a number on the plate that's what led to further questioning and all were placed in cuffs and booked.

  8. Just remember the dirty politicians, not Law Enforcement operators are to be blamed here.
    Dirty politicians are using our laws to do their dirty deeds and are using our LEO'swho are just following orders just like the military. Just remember to use the most potent weapons we the citizens have in this country against dirdy politicians THE VOTE and the elections are just around the corner.REMEMBER THAT MAKE USE OF IT......!!!!

  9. The vote does not work anymore. That was proven when Obama became president. Every one knows that fraud was used. I have become very afraid of our government.Something is going on in America and we the people have been left out.All Americans and I don`t care what color you are or what nationality you are or who you voted for,WE NEED TO MARCH ON WASHINGTON, to get the answers to all our questions. We need truthful answers and not lies or deceptions.THE TIME IS NOW, BEFORE WE BECOME ERADICATED.