Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plans to Invade Israel Posted On Facebook?Sounds Like a Mossad Setup.

            I can not hardly believe it that plans to invade Israel is posted on Facebook of all places. Sounds like a Massod or Israeli propaganda operation to gain sympathy being the victim after all the atrocities they have committed against civilians in occupied territories .Are the Israeli trying to demonize the Arab world? Are they trying to justify the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza based on fabricated security threats created in Israeli intelligence.
            Israel is losing the public relations war. The world has no more sympathy for them. Now I wish the evangelicals would get their head out of the asses and realize Israel has betrayed America with the Church's blessing.They are sending our sons to war for Israel. Israel has persecuted Christians in Israel and the Palestinian people who are believers of Christ.The United States is condemned if the government keeps supporting Israel.
             To see a strategy of invading Israel on Facebook is a joke.This really shows this is a desperate move to regain public sympathy of the American people.This time I do not seeing it working. I just see it as a ploy to demonize Israel's enemies and to justify its policies of aggression against its neighboring countries. We will wait and see were this goes.World Net Daily Posting this article saying poor Israel might be invaded is a hoax to make the Jewish State look like a victim. Israel will get no sympathy from me.Any Military Strategist would not post the plans on Facebook.If they want to win.There has to be an element of surprise. This is a setup to dupe the public for propaganda purposes. This one Israel will lose if they been the ones behind this posting.


  1. Joseph Farah is a Zionist, and he was also prosecuted for copyright and trademark infringement:

    /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, Plaintiff
    Mitchell v. AOL Time Warner, Inc. et al.

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