Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Leftist Nut Case Obama Appoints to Head The FBI.

                What is it with this President and who he appoints?They all look like the persona of that woman in the Movie Misery. They all seem like they have more than one screw loose in their heads. Supreme Court Justice Sotmoyer and Supreme Court Justice Kagan scare the hell out of me because they are not in their right minds. You look at the head of Homeland Security. Janet Napolitano is Janet Reno Jr. She is the Big Sis I like to call evil incarnate..
                 Now the Head of the FBI Robert Mueller will be leaving after 10 years being the steward over the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This post is only a one term position that only has a term for 10 years not up for re appointment. Robert Mueller was appointed by George W Bush to replace Clinton appointment Louie Freeh. Now Mr Mueller stepping down is mandatory after ten years post.
                 Now we have President Obama  making another appointment. This time it is the FBI. The President who will fill the vacancy.Who fills that post at the FBI is more important than we think. It is not like any other cabinet post were once the President leaves office. The people he appointed in the executive branch leaves except the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That is a term of 10 years is what makes it so dangerous of who the President might appoint is everything.
                  Rumor now is the President might appoint a lady that has the reputation of being the "Mistress of Disaster". This is according from sources from NPR  Her name is Jamie Gorelick who was working under former Attorney General Janet Reno in the Justice Department during the Clinton Administration .Jamie Gorelick represented BP during the Gulf oil spill and screwed up many important cases under Clinton denying justice.
                  We can not afford a Jamie Gorelick to fill this post at the FBI. Suppose we get a real patriot to become President like Ron Paul and get a real congress in power. This woman can create a lot of havoc in this post who can be a lot of trouble to future administrations. Thus woman must not be confirmed to this post.We do not need any more Marxist,Leftist mentally unstable and morally depraved people filling these post. I rather that post stay vacant than filled at this time. Do you agree? Better leave the FBI leaderless than have a mistress of disaster at the helm.

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