Monday, March 21, 2011

Obama Lost Left Wing Cover Attacking Libya

              President Obama is losing credibility from factions in his own party. President Obama deployed forces and ordered attacks on Libya without congressional declarations war. President Obama is not being attacked on the right from the GOP.The war mongers in the Republican Party are asking the President to" define the mission". They are asking this question so they can justify funding this new war so they can tell their constituents in the name fighting the terrorist to "Keep us safe" The justification we had to go after and overthrow Gadhafi in this war on terror.The only Congressmen to voice opposition in the Republican Party opposing the recent attacks on Libya is Representative Ron Paul of Texas.
             The opposition is coming from inside the Democratic party is the ones speaking the loudest asking the right questions.President Obama when he was campaigning to be president promised to withdraw troops from Iraq. Barrack Obama blasted President Bush while he was a US Senator from Illinois who raised the objections of going to war without congressional approval declaring war if there is no national security threat. Instead of a scaling down of operations for an orderly withdrawal of troops from these wars since President Obama took office.He is now escalating attacks in Pakistan,Yemen,Iraq and Afghanistan . Now he is starting a new war in Libya that is not a threat to our nations security.
             When a man is losing credibility within his own party and have no faith in his leadership among the constituents who worked hard to get him elected. President Obama has now lost left cover. What will bring Obama down?It will not be the Republicans. It will come from the factions in his own party because he has betrayed many groups he promised  to deliver. Now since he attacked Libya with no just cause. He has lost all credibility with the party faithful and people who supported him has become very disillusioned that he did the opposite in what he promised. We are starting to see fracturing within the party. Only time will tell when 2012 rolls around.


  1. Bullshit! As a life long Demo. I will not be complaining about this action.

  2. At this point, only the hard core, completely delusional Democrats still support this fascist clown. And of course, the Republicans never saw a war they didn't love.

    I would still like someone to point out where the US Constitution gives the president the authority to militarily attack another country without consent from Congress.