Thursday, March 24, 2011

Possible Constitutional Standoff in Utah Over Sound Money Verse The Fiat Federal Reserve Note?

             If anyone gets a chance to read the book "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G.Edward Griffin. I can say it is a must read to learn about the insidious nature of the robber barons. Monopolies are not created by a very limited government.These monopolies only happen when there is government interference in favor one corporation over another.They do this by buying off politicians to pass laws that gives the corporation an  upper hand for a certain favored Tycoon so they can shut down any competition That is how they create these monopolies.
             It is the same with the Federal Reserve Act were Congress hands over their Constitutional power and responsibility to coin money and determine the value thereof to Private Central Bankers creating a monopoly over the issuance of the currency.Government intervention at it best.This gave them power over the economy to control trade and commerce.When the Federal Reserve Act was just a piece of Legislation. It was promised this bill would stop booms and busts in the economy. This bill was sold to stop panics on the banks and would keep us out of a depression was the talking points of the day. It did not stop the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. The Federal Reserve Bank orchestrated it by design.
             Now we fast forward to today. The Federal Reserve Bank controls all of the economy.Last year.There was legislation that passed congress and now law. It made this Private Central Bank the financial dictator over the whole economy deciding who are the winners and losers in this global economy. The Federal reserve bank is printing money to bail out Wall Street putting the burden on the people to pay for this through a hidden tax called inflation.The Federal Reserve Note is the currency of the day. This Fiat money is a legalized counterfeiting operation because it was made legal tender under the Federal Reserve Act. This central bank is now has a choke hold on the people and the economy. The value of the Dollar is being debased and devalued which is a direct violation of the Coinage Act of 1798. To debase and devalue the currency by counterfeiting is punishable with death by this act of Congress. The Head of the Federal Reserve is firing up the printing presses debasing the currency by every dollar that is printed to keep Wall Street afloat.
              The head of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernake  is doing QE-1 starting on QE-2 and planning on QE-3. QE meaning Quantitative Easing meaning pumping money into Banker's and Wall Street's  pockets for there benefit only. To us people who live on Main Street and not on Wall Street. Quantitative Easing for Wall Street is Quantitative Squeezing for the rest of us on Main Street.We feel it at the gas pumps when we fill up our cars and when we shop for food at the Supermarket. Our wages are not going up,But the prices on all the consumables we need are.Everyone feels it in their wallet because the purchasing power of what we earned is diminished because Quantitative Easing for the Wall Street fat cats is Quantitative Squeezing on us. We are paying higher prices to benefit the few at the expense of many. Our very livelihoods are at the mercy of Robber Barons.It seems like there is no end in sight. No relief coming.
              Among the Elites who run the central banks as John D Rockefeller said"Competition is a sin" meaning they want to control it all and not have to compete with an other for business.Bernard Von NotHaus was convicted for minting the Ron Paul Liberty Dollar in Federal Court. His crime?Minting Recently collectible Gold and Silver coins that was the Legal tender before the Federal Reserve Act was law. These collectible gold and silver coins in circulation posed threat to the bankers monopoly on the issuance of the currency because gold and silver is real money.Not funny money fiat currency.They could not allow an alternative form of currency to compete with the worthless Federal Reserve Note. When people have real money in their hands. The bankers can not control the value of currencies backed by precious metals.They can not manipulate it and control it. If this alternative form of currency was ever to be used as real money traded for good and services.They would lose control of the economy. That is a threat to their monopoly on power that really frightens them because their fraud would be exposed.
              Now seeing the writing on the wall seeing the Federal Reserve bank is destroying the economy. States are feeling the shortfall in the budgets and their economies deteriorating. Some State Legislators in a handful of States have been forced to take a look at some action to keep their states functioning in the light of an economic collapse because the devaluing of the dollar.The State of Utah has passed a bill in both houses making gold and silver legal tender. This I can say with out it being reported that it is sending shock waves to the Federal Reserve Bank and has emboldened States to follow Utah's lead. The Utah governor has not signed the bill yet making it law. If the governor vetoes the bill. The Legislator can  override the veto by both houses making it law without the governor signature or the governor can sign it that would have other states empowered to act in following Utah's path. State Legislators now has bills filed in Virginia,Georgia,South Carolina,New Hampshire and Tennessee. If these States follow Utah's example.We can have a constitutional standoff between the states who make gold and silver their currency and the Federal government being the Bankers hired gun to try to squash any movement toward sound money.
              If the Governor of Utah signs this bill and becomes law.Can we see the Federal Government coming in like they did with the Liberty dollar to seize the mold,dyes,gold and silver too? If the Federal Government comes into confiscate everything.Will there be a armed confrontation between the state's police forces and Federal agents trying to stop the minting of coins? Will the Bankers try to use Utah as an example telling other states not to dare try to have their own money.This will happen to you if the Feds are successful stamping out anym move to towards honest money . I can tell right now the governor of Utah is under tremendous pressure from the people and the Federal government. The people want sound money. The Federal government being the Bankers henchmen might have threatened the Utah Governor.Threats to do what they did to John F. Kennedy in Daley Plaza in Dallas after he signed an executive order to print silver backed dollar and retire the Federal Reserve Note. It is not reported too much this bill passing in the Utah Legislator is because the establishment wants to suppress popular support from within Utah and outside the State. Utah has the Bankers scared  big time.
               Why are the Bankers scared?Because if the Utah Governor signs the bill and the Federal Government fails to stop the state using Gold and Silver backed currency.Many other states like dominoes in a chain reaction will follow Utah's lead. This can cause the Federal government to collapse like the Soviet Union if a good number of states are using honest money and the Federal government has only worthless paper to fund itself that can not compete with a precious metal backed currency. It is a threat to their power.  Sound money is the bankster's worse nightmare  .When the Federal Reserve note becomes obsolete because it can not compete with sound money. So will the choke hold of the Federal government and the Bankers we will be free from too.It is just a matter of time.



  1. He wasn't convicted for using silver, he was convicted for making his coins look like US money. Ithaca Hours, Berkshire Berkshares, Pittsboro Plentys, they're alternate currencies that didn't get busted because there's no question they don't look like US cash. His did.

    The problem with Liberty Dollars is that a $20 piece is worth much less than $20. Its a scam. Dealers buy tokens at discounts below face value and pass them off at face value which is actually more than its own intrinsic value. In the end, those holding Liberty Dollar Tokens have been robbed by the ones above them in the food chain.

    Robbed even more than the Federal Reserve robs people!

    If you want to use a silver currency then use US Mint Junk Silver Coins. They are legal tender and you only pay taxes on the face value in transactions. Its only a tiny premium for the small unit form and perfectly legal to own and trade with.

    But I do agree with much they have said about the Fed.

  2. The State of Utah is a corporation - organized under the U.S. Corporation. The money used by these corporations is the Federal Reserve Note. The State of Utah has no standing to use anything outside of its charter. However, the Original Jurisdiction state can, and must, accept only gold and silver coin in payment of debt. The answer is the original jurisdiction state and its government being (re)established.

  3. My thought for the day:
    All the homeless, disenfranchised, people should go move in with Our Politicians who have worked so hard to ship OUR jobs overseas.
    All the homeless, disenfranchised, people should go move in with Our Politicians who are helping the BANKERS with TAXPAYER money, as they ILLEGALLY foreclose on Family Homes.
    All the homeless, disenfranchised, people should go move in with Our Politicians who would rather spend OUR money bombing MUD HUTS with $100,000 bombs, then give UNEMPLOYMENT to OUR Workers.
    All the homeless, disenfranchised, people should go move in with Our Politicians who get the FINEST healthcare money can provide, as they BEGRUDGE scraps of medicare for the elderly.
    All the homeless, disenfranchised, people should go move in with Our Politicians who have the FINEST pension plans in history, as they STAEL from Social Security that the Workers themselves PAID FOR.
    Research the property holdings of the (try not to laugh) "honorable" Politicians, find out where they live, and MOVE IN.
    Our Politicians make COUNTLESS speeches about how much they CARE for the PEOPLE, so they will be THRILLED to see caravans of their Homeless AMERICAN Brethren moving in.

  4. All my Ron Paul silver coins contain a half ounce of real silver. Of course, when I acquired them silver was at $6 an ounce. Now silver is at $37.50 and poised to break out do to the short squeeze on JP Morgan and their massive naked shorts. It has been projected that silver will reach $500 an ounce. Also, I might mention that $6 back then would probably purchase 6 gallons of gasoline where now it won't even pay for 2 gallons. One ounce of silver will now pay for more than 10 gallons of gas. I will place my bet on silver to win.

  5. Great Article. Any %-silver or pure silver medallion/token that is used for trade, can't be denominated in "dollars". It should only be based on weight not some arbitrary base unit that can change in the future thus devaluing the older medallions. That's goofy and I would not use it for commerce. However, merchants are familiar with the currency and prices denominated in dollars-- so the recent designers of alternative currency, for the most part, have all linked their units to dollars. Liberty Dollars, AOCS and even local guys like N. Colorado Barter It's easy to understand and useful for consumers. It benefits local trade to have an identifiable unit. But the tokens that will stay around for decades and longer will be based solely on weight, like 1oz tokens, 1/2 ounce tokens or even gram sizes. This weight based unit is harder to understand and tough to use when pricing goods, but this method will survive. With today's technology, it's easy to have instant silver prices 24/7 and instant weight to value conversion done anywhere. The companies and people issuing these tokens should NOT be doing it for profit, the issuer of money should be a zero profit business and do it for the benefit of the citizens. If you are selling money 'for profit' you are discounting the future value of that money, that's just wrong.

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