Sunday, March 20, 2011

BREAKING NEWS !Coast Guard Reports Giant Possible Oil Slick Off the Coast of Louisiana Again.

              This is not old news of the BP deep water horizon accident again. The coast guard reports a giant oil slick three to six miles long 20 off the coast of Louisiana. They have not said were the oil spill came from. There has been no accident reported off the oil rig. Could it be another false flag oporation since President Obama will not comply with court order to reopen drilling in the gulf.
              Almost a year ago when the BP deep water horizon was releasing oil into the Gulf of Mexico. British Petroleum sprayed a chemical that is banned in Europe and many other countries because it was toxic and poisonous. The United States government in collusion with BP covered up the severity and the magnitude of how bad it really is. It is not reported how people were getting sick who live close to the shores. It was not reported how workers cleaning up the mess fell ill on the job.
               I wonder what the official story will be from our not so trusting government. Will they say it was sea weed? Will they lie and say that oil slick was just swimming dolphins? I do not count on them being honest about this either. If it is an oil slick from a spill. Will they white wash it saying it is not so bad with no need to worry.At the same time covering how bad it really is. We will wait and see what good lie they will come up with to try to pacify us. I do not think nothing they try will work anymore. 


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  1. DHS OPA instructed the Coast Guard not to issue a news release on this because it "looks bad". The document is publicly available on the FOIA website but DHS is not letting anyone know that it available. This is in direct contrast to Cosco Busan, Sacramento C130 accident etc etc etc. The Coast Guard has ALWAYS issued a news release and held a media availability when we publish one of these.