Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Highway Checkpoints and Licence Plate Reading Cameras Legislation Moving Forward In The Texas Senate.(Your Papers Please)

               One thing I learned about politicians they never keep their promises and do the opposite of they say they will do for the people. This is why I never had any faith in those who ran on the Tea Party platform because once they were in office. They would get all caught up in the web of deceit of special interest. Most of the bills filed in the Texas legislator this session infringe on our rights and does not secure them.
                What rights that are being infringed upon is the right to travel and the right to contract or not enter into an agreement. SB-1700- filed by Texas State Senator Tommy Williams would set up checkpoints to check for licenses and insurance from motorist if this bill becomes law. Has Senator Williams realized the economy is in the tank? People can not afford to buy auto insurance. They are barely able to survive with high fuel prices and the spike of food cost shopping at the supermarket.Is this Senator doing the bidding of the insurance lobby to make sure every Texan is forced to purchase auto insurance to drive on the roads the taxpayers paid for.Texas made sobriety checkpoints illegal years ago because people complained about the abuses by Police where they never hardly caught drunks. Mostly people who did not have their papers(License,insurance and registration please?)These were the people that were affected.Not the drunks driving. Drunks know how to avoid these checkpoints. These checkpoints are only for revenue generation for the state to enrich there budgets.
                Another bill by this sell out Senator Williams has also filed is SB-1696 that would set up license plate cameras to read our license plates to track and trace everyone on the highways as a pilot program. Big brother on the highways of Texas?Am I supposed to feel safe with these cameras if they were allowed by law?It is none of the government's business to know were I am going to or coming from.I wonder who will get the contract to install these cameras.Someone stands to gain if this bill becomes law. It is not the people.That is for sure.
                 Both these bills will be brought before the Texas State Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee  for public hearings on March 30 2011 at 730 AM. SB-1700 and SB-1696 introduced by Senator Williams do not benefit the people of Texas.These proposed bills should be met with fierce opposition from the people.People want to be left alone and do not want to go through checkpoints answering personal questions along with were is your papers. The people do not want to be tracked and traced like suspects guilty before proven innocent.  It is time for our elected representatives to answer the question. Are you with the people or are you with the special interest? Senator Williams answered that question with these two bills. He is not with the people because actions speak louder than words.


  1. "Sign ze paper schweinhund!".... "But I cannot sign ze paper, you have broken all my fingers"

  2. This country is so far beyond Hitler's Germany in its atrocities, all performed under the guise of the Constitution which the governments set aside in the middle 1800's. Where in the Constitution does it state that government entities are to profit making centers? www.republickeepers.com will tell you more. But then there are those who will read this and ..., well do nothing...

  3. Get a load of this...HB 2891 (Sheets-R) "Relating to the provision of a voter's fingerprints with a mailed ballot"
    Under this Bill, the Secretary of State is charged with “…establish[ing] methods to obtain fingerprints of as many voters as possible”

    This is a direct violation of the IV Amendment!

    Fingerprints, just like a social security number, a driver’s license number, a passport, or dental records are a form of personal identity of an individual. Requiring that this non-criminal and very permanent individual characteristic be harvested and shared with yet ANOTHER government agency, only to be subjected to the possibility of misplaced record-keeping... rendering more “identity theft” possibilities is an abuse of power and violates “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures” (Amendment IV). Fingerprints are equivalent to dental records. They cannot be re-issued or altered.
    While I am in favor of a system of checks and balances to insure that our elections are lawful, transparent, and insure that all votes are counted properly; collection of fingerprints of “as many voters as possible” is NOT respectful of the individual’s right to privacy.

  4. Who the hell does Senator Williams represent?