Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bureaucracies Gone Wild are Coming to Harass us and Eat of our Substance

             It seems every day there is something new and more outrageous than last week coming out of this White House or the Alphabet Soup agencies. They operate without any law passed by congress, or if congress hears about it; they do nothing about it. The follow directives from executive orders signed by the President making law out of thin air with the stroke of a pen just like the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air. At this point in our history where corruption reigns supreme in the highest levels of government, the sky is the limit unless restraint comes from the people.

             We used to hear about an occasional raid by the IRS and the FBI stopping an illegal Mafia operation in the news. Now we hear about raids on roadside fruit and vegetable stands; shutting down the farmers market, they are going after people who like raw milk. The attack those who sell natural remedies for healing known ailments instead of using conventional modern medicine seeking an alternative remedy. Federal Firearms licensed Dealers are being subject to harassment for every little reason. The EPA is out in force to make sure our utility rates go up by creating an artificial scarcity producing electricity and small family farms are being shut down for the most obscure reasons that have nothing to do with farming.

            The real economy is under attack like never before buy a White House that hates a free people. The do not want a free market and competition anywhere whatsoever. We see Gibson Guitars being raided because it is one of the few companies that produce a quality product employing American craftsmen and not made by Chinese slave labor. We went from a free market economy to crony capitalism or more like mercantilism where companies on the inside get favorable treatment over those not in the good graces to the government. The Corporations have merged with the government to wipe out all competition to concentrate the wealth into the hands of the few.

            Now everyone is a terrorist who dares question or speak out against the President and his policies. You can attend an anti war rally and get a visit by the FBI. If you want to have the President impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, we will get a knock from the secret service. Now free speech is now criminal and standing up for the Bill of rights might be an act of terrorism. We are on no fly list or no gun buy list without a chance to confront our accusers in a court of law. Nothing is safe anymore from this government and we have all become fair game. This is the very thing our ancestors fought the British crown over because this abuse of power.

            The only remedy will come from we the people. Congress will not act and the courts go along with the government. If we wait for the government to protect us from the government, do not hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Short of a bloody conflict or a standoff between the people and the jackboot thugs that is close to happening. It will have to come from the states standing up and our county Sheriffs putting their foot down when the Feds come to town. Once we take back first our cities and counties to erect a barrier from unlawful encroachments and incursions. Than we can take, back the states from the globalist. If we do not and allow them to break our will to stand up and not be afraid. then the consequence is we will have a Federal government gone wild without any resistance standing in the way. Now as these agencies start getting more in our face. We will have no choice but to push back or we will become slaves plain and simple.


  1. Congress created a fourth branch of government in 1946 with the enactment of the Administrative Procedure Act. Agencies can create "law" only via "substantive" regulations, something they rarely do, instead using "interpretive" regulations, which have no force and effect of law, to fool the great masses of the plain people. The POTUS is also an agency and Executive Orders must also comply with the APA which they never do. When dealing with agencies one is dealing with "hired guns" who operate ultra vires (outside the law) and they count on the total ignorance of the great unwashed to deceive them. It isn't what you don't know that hurts you, it's what you believe to be true that just isn't so.

  2. Read "lluminati- The Cult That Hijacked The World" it will explain everything going on politically.

  3. before buy a White House that hates a free people.

    Nice wordplay there. Buy - By.

    We went from a free market economy to crony capitalism or more like mercantilism where companies on the inside get favorable treatment over those not in the good graces to the government. The Corporations have merged with the government

    The historical melding of Corporate power and State power is Facism.

  4. "Eat of our Substance"

    We must protect our vital bodily fluids.

    Interest is what has bankrupted us: P < P + I.

    The ancients understood simple math and outlawed interest for the benefit of mankind.

    Zero interest loans are good enough for the friends and relatives of Ben Bernanke, so why not for the rest of us?

  5. Usury, 100,000 unnatural chemicals, radiation and pride have undone all.
    Oh and the newest tool of the devil, TV. Ever notice that the word "Pride" is spent more than almost any other word on Television?
    Biblical scholars will note that Pride is what sent Lucifer out of heaven. It is the first sin and blinds all that are proud, it is the reason for contention. Remember Lucifer was God's greatest and most beautiful angel and leader of the choir before wanting God and the Angels to worship him, God then cast him out of heaven. This is a lesson to all.
    When someone says, "You must be Proud!" retort, "No, I am thankful..." This one attitude would do more to bring peace on Earth than all the 'War Efforts' in History.