Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry, the Phony Copycat Constitutionalists.

             I had to laugh seeing a Yahoo Article saying Rick Perry wants to change the constitution by altering it. He talks about repealing the 16th amendment and eliminating the IRS. Everyone would like that. He even talks about repealing the 17th Amendment too changing the direct elections for US Senators back in the hands of the State Legislators to select who will represent the state government in Washington DC. The News media sounds like it is something new and radical as if it was never was an idea before. The mainstream media is fawning over this. Do not be fooled.

              Congressman Ron Paul called for ending the IRS immediately and replacing it with nothing in his 2008 campaign. Dr Paul also submitted legislation repealing the 16th amendment too without any support from his colleagues. He has filed a bill repealing the 17th amendment of the US Constitution too. Ron Paul is way ahead of the curve. The Texas Governor is a Johnny come lately when it comes to the Constitution. While Rick Perry and the Lt Gov moved to kill the anti groping TSA bill in the State Legislature. Ron Paul Submitted a bill to stop this practice of the TSA after public outrage demanded action. Rick Perry called the Federal Reserve Printing money treacherous and almost treason. He has not called for ending the Federal Reserve or auditing the central bank. He cannot fool me. Rick Perry is the Bankers and Globalist darling.

            The only things I have not heard Ron Paul talk about that Rick Perry proposed, I do have to admit is a good idea is eliminating the lifetime tenure of judges and congress overriding bad supreme court decisions by two thirds vote of both houses of congress. The balanced budget amendment, the anti gay Marriage amendment and outlaw abortion are all just gimmicks to woo the social conservatives to vote for Perry. In reality it is to call a constitutional convention were our rights are at risk of being lost. Do not get your hope up about slick Rick preaching the Constitution. The truth is why we cannot trust Gov. Perry to uphold the US Constitution when he has not upheld the Texas Constitution and state law.

           He has not shown any leadership in Texas. He has layed down, allowed the Obama administration without any legal authority take over the greenhouse permits for power plants and refineries. This was a function of the State government. This White House is ramming cap and trade down Texans throat not allowing coal power plants coming online or shutting them down without any legal right to do so. Texans in an outrage experiencing those rolling blackouts last winter on one of the coldest days on record in the state of Texas making everyone freeze. Rick Perry was nowhere to be found and off the radar. The Texas governor was AWOL when the state needed leadership.He is a good BS artist who is all talk and no action. The Governor very easily can give an order instructing all Constable Deputies, police officers, State Troopers and Sheriff Deputies to arrest TSA agents for breaking state laws groping Air travelers. He could have instructed Prosecutors to charge the TSA agents with the maximum of what the law allows. He could have used radiological laws regulating x-ray machines to shut down the full body scanners in all the major airports in Texas. Rick Perry will not defend Texas or Texans when it is his duty to do so.So how can he defend America if he will not defend Texas?

          To hear the Texas Governor talk about the Constitution and Freedom is so asinine; He is a fraud and a counterfeit patriot. He is a Ron Paul copycat trying to steal the message for his own gain and not for the good of the country. Slick Rick using Ron Paul’s rhetoric, I do not think the governor believes what he says. He just out getting votes trying to neutralize Ron Paul. Do not be fooled with Governor Rick Perry talking about altering the Constitution. This is all a smoke screen to call a constitutional convention to take away all our rights replacing our old Constitution for something we never asked for. Do not be fooled by Slick Rick. He is a phony and a fake. Ron Paul is the real deal who has proven himself to be true to his beliefs in word and deed. Use your head and watch what Rick does and not so much what he says. Then you will see why he should not be the President.


  1. I agree-Rick Perry is a total charlatan. If you disagree, just look at the media suddenly fawning all over him! He represents the establishment. Perry is talking all sorts of stuff that sounds great but it's all a bunch of bull-all form, no content. Just wait and see-if we allow for this dishonest con artist that used to work for fellow con artist Al Gore to own the presidency, we will continue to pay dearly for getting conned. Let's not give him the chance to prove me wrong, prevention is the best cure.

  2. Nothin new here same old BS!

    MEXAS needs a QUEEN like HOLLAND.

    BUT with a LIBERAL parliment!