Sunday, August 21, 2011

From the Salem Witch Trials to the War on Terror. We Still Have Not Learned Our Lesson From History.

              Back in the day in early New England was one of the worst miscarriages in justice recorded in our History next to slavery. Trials where many people were under the sentence of death accused of witchcraft with no proof really were out of fabricated fear. The right of due process under the Magna Carta was flipped on its head over hysteria of the devil is under your bed and hiding in these closets because these ladies might be witches casting spells and hexes on the town folks. Does this sound with all the familiar hype and hysteria they use to go after terrorist today? Look at how they determined guilt of innocence, false witnesses were used, specter evidence claiming the victims were seeing a ghost no one seen or dog eating witch-cake that was flour and urine. If the dog got sick, the accused is found guilty being a witch or practicing witchcraft. It was getting so bad seeing the injustices being too egregious; the Massachusetts Royal Governor had to intervene. It was rumored these witch trials was a smoke screen that arose out of land disputes and political opposition.

              The Bill of Rights was not something written in a vacuum brainstorming around the table These original ten articles were based on historical knowledge and facts because the abuses of the king and from the biblical principles as the cornerstone. If you look at the Salem Witch trails, the rules of evidence was just beliefs based on superstition more than facts. The convicted had their property seized and wealth stolen. It was a witch-hunt to stir a hysterical frenzy like sharks going to where blood is in the water. This is one of the most tarnished marks on our history were religious leaders brought a tyranny on the people of Salem in the name of the war on Satan to rid the devil from their mist. In reality they were doing evil themselves denying basic due process rights to the accused with questionable rules of evidence and the accused having no jury of their peers. One good thing about the history of this country is that we do correct our injustices. Not all we have been able to correct all of them yet, I know in time justice will serve the better.

              Now we fast-forward to now over 300 years later and nothing has changed. From Salem Witch trials to the era a Joseph McCarthy were people were facing many accusations of being a communist using the findings of guilt by association.this was the basis of being guilty has destroyed many innocent people's reputation to now the War on Terror were Al Quada is everywhere suspending the right to Habeas Corpus and no trail by jury. The people accused go before a tribunal like the people accused of being a witch in Salem went before a panel of magistrates with no real recourse to put up a vigorous defense. We still have not learned our lesson from history. After Sept 11 2001, we seen this mass hysteria if some wore rags on their heads. They must be a terrorist. If they were Arab, they are a terrorist with Osama Bin Laden. Al Quada is everywhere. We have no fly list were people are denied the right to travel with no judge, no jury, no due process under the law and the accused has no way to confront accuser. If we decide to travel by airplane, we are all suspects guilty until proven innocent now being subject to groping humiliating travelers daily. To make matters worst, we are now under the eye of behavior monitors in the Airports looking for signs someone might be a terrorist of they raise an eyebrow the wrong way. 

               Even back during the witch scare in Salem to now in this exaggerating age of terrorist everywhere so we scare easily like those evil witches had the people in hysteria in 1692, you see nothing has changed were tyrants use fear to dominate people. People in early Salem were filing allegations against people being witches sounds like the "If you see something, Say something" campaign by Homeland Security turning everyone into spies on our neighbors. Now the hype is a fabrication that if you are a patriot, for the Constitution, Pro Gun, wants to abolish the Federal Reserve and being for Ron Paul or Bob Barr. You might be a terrorist. The act of exercising free speech opposing Barrack Obama's agenda is a terrorist threat. The President is getting ready to stage a false flag attack orchestrated and coordinated by government assets. If he succeeds, he will call for a witch-hunt blaming the Patriots calling for their arrest because they are responsible for the attacks.

               We have failed to learn from history, Every time the government fabricates an enemy to attack our freedoms; many innocent people get hurt and suffer. Many innocent people died because of abuse of power in the name of God and the war against the devil early in Salem's history. This is why we have the Bill of Rights in our Constitution was to restrain government abuse. We seen how the government abused its power during the Salem Witch trails and now how our government today abuses its power in the name of the war on terror. Nothing changes and always stays the same. They just use a different enemy to justify their overreach of power saying they want to keep us safe from an imaginary enemy. If we do not learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it as it was during the Salem Witch trails.


  1. This is an excellent article. Thank you.
    It would be an easier read if you had proofread it, however. Spelling, word order and incorrect breakup of sentences make it a difficult and distracting read . . .

  2. Last night,the white supremist forces of the Grand Patron of freemasonry and the City of London launched a fierce protracted assault against the civilian population of Tripoli, Libya. Recorded number of dead exceeds 1,300 and a total devastation of the city seems to be the goal. The desire by this author to see the royal family of Britain and the City of London disappear into a cloud of hell-fire has never been stronger. I am a blue-eyed blond who resents the fact that they breathe air rightfully belonging to humanity. Pigs can always justify turning on their own kind as a matter of habit and greed. As do the bling collectors of Britain.

    America needs to know that we, similarly, are being laid to waste by these entities because our CIC knows not what he does. Consider the attacks on the U.S. if you dare. I think you do not. President Obama acts as if he has been pithed like a laboratory frog. His cabinet speaks for itself. And one sick bunch of genetic slag they are. And open for treason.

    God damn NATO.

  3. A great read it was! I too thank you!
    I found it very easy to read and understand.
    The fact that it might have contained errors
    in how it was presented added to mystic it was written by a Human and not a perfectionist.
    Here in Egypt, we have no witches. Except when your government sends Hillary here to torture us.
    We here see the insanity of your government telling the world how it must live and obey.
    Yet You can't even run your own country with destroying it.
    maybe everyone is so worried in america over misspoellings etc they have no time to see the death and destruction you bring on innocent people in your witch hunts.
    Keep up the gret reads!!