Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NATO in Libya Means The North AtlanticTreaty Alliance Needs to Be dissolved

               The Cold War is over and the Warsaw Pact dissolved, not so with NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance was an agreement that if the old Soviet Union attacked any country in western Europe. All the countries in the treaty pact would come to their aid. Now with the threat gone of the Soviet Union. What is NATO role supposed to be now? Well looking back, the alliance should have been dissolved too along with the old Warsaw Pact that was with the Soviet Union and the satellite countries in eastern Europe.

                Our first President George Washington in his farewell address was right on saying we need to avoid entangling alliances. That means NATO and the United Nations we need to pull out of. This alliance has out served it usefulness and it legitimacy has to brought into question since no more threats exist since the cold war. Libya never threatened any country in NATO. Libya never attacked any country in Europe? SO why is NATO is attacking Libya. Now NATO is now a Pirate pact full of bandits looking to steal the gold from Libya and to make sure the European Bankers have no competition that threatens their control over the money supply.

                Looking back how well NATO did in the Balkan States of Kosovo and Serbia has left the country in worse shape than before they came in.  This conflict was not threatening the borders of other countries and there was no ethnic cleansing as they claim there was. So all you people stuck in the cold war. Tell me, what is a good reason to keep NATO? What purpose does it serve besides bombing innocent civilians in Libya and trying to unseat a sitting government? It has no purpose and need to be dissolved as soon as possible or it can be a threat to the sovereignty of other nations the Bankers do not like.

               NATO is a cold war relic that needs to die along with the Warsaw Pact did. The Soviet threat no longer exist anymore. So what should NATO's role in a post cold war era? NATO should have been dissolved instead of dropping bombs on countries that have not attacked us. If Ron Paul becomes President, I hope he pulls us out of NATO and the UN. These entangling alliances have proven to more of a threat to us than a help. When NATO forces are attacking Libya. they did not threaten any of the countries in the treaty, Instead of being an alliance to come to the aid to countries being attacked by a rogue nation, They are doing the dirty work for the bankers trying to steal the gold from the nation. That means it is time for this alliance to dissolve wit the rest of what is left with the cold war.


  1. You are a respectable man of peace,Realman 2020. That was a wise thought that will carry the day and beyond.

  2. Don't you realize, that NATO is a terror organization where its members are ganster countries? These thugs wants to overthrow the whole earth

  3. Can you imagine how much money NATO saves the super richie riches, if they had to PAY for their troops in a fair private armed forces with air?
    All this is paid for by the taxpaying FOOLS!
    The ONLY reason that BLACKWATER(whatever they call it now) is not in the spotlight today is that they charge to much to be used everyday in places where the stupid citizens can pay via NATO.
    The nightmare that was Katrina showed you HOW it works, if the POTUS really wants private corporations to win then you rich pigs go HIRE SOMBODY for this nasty bussiness and make them pay a TAX on aqusitions like a good FERINGIE with rules of aquisiyion! Not just this willie Nillie killing!Get some professionals in here.
    make some rules to steal this stuff!