Friday, August 26, 2011

My Experience with the Red Cross Concerning Sept 11, 2001

              When I lived in Florida in a small apartment in downtown Bradenton with my first son just over a year old at the time. We were all very upset what happened on September 11, 2001 with the twin towers collapsing and the Pentagon being hit, cannot forget flight 93 going down in Shanksville, Pa. We were all very angry and upset being in a state of shock. Like it or not,life goes on and it does not change the weather.

               Not even a week later, Tropical Storm or Hurricane Gabriel hit the western gulf coast of Florida. A giant oak tree fell on the side my house making my home condemned by the city inspector.I went to the Red Cross for help and assistance finding temporary shelter. We were given a piece of paper from the Red Cross to find an apartment on a voucher for one months rent until my home was fixed. The problem was many landlords wanted a year lease with first months rent, last months rent and security deposit. They would not accept the voucher because the Red Cross burned them in the past. It was impossible to find temporary housing. When I managed to find some type of housing. It was a hole in the wall Hotel costing $150 a week that the red cross would not help pay for. Therefore, I had to pay for out of pocket. Well the good news is I did manage without the Red Cross helping. It may not have been easy, but I manged after all.

                What really had me upset from what I heard was the Red Cross in Lower Manhattan were cutting checks to people for $10,000 or more for people displaced because the dust from the towers got in their apartments.  People who live near the WTC did not need the Red Cross because many people could afford to stay somewhere else without hurting their wallets. I never got such treatment in Florida living paycheck to paycheck like the residents living near ground zero did. How the red cross mishandled the funds for Sept 11 is still in question.  There has been a lot of speculation in how the American Red Cross used those funds that was supposed to go to the victims of Sept 11, never went to were it is supposed to go.

               For me, I will never give to the Red Cross and rather keep my charities local. Reading about how the red cross funds groups to attack our right to keep and bear arms and other groups who want to see the destruction of this nation. I am not saying all the red cross is bad. They have went in to inspect the POW camps and does watch Gitmo the best they can. I do not have a problem with the International Red Cross, but I do have a problem with the American red cross. Not the people who volunteer on the ground trying to do some good and help people. But the upper administrative leadership who mismanage the funds my beef is with.

              I cannot anymore with a clear conscience give to the red cross. The only organization I do trust that is nationwide is the Salivation Army who does  much good for people in distress. In these economic times please take time and give to your local charities or the Salvation Army. For me, not one penny I will give to the American Red Cross. Well the good news is I did manage without the Red Cross helping me. It may not have been easy for me at the time. But I managed to keep a roof over my head and feed my first born son. Sometimes life's lessons come when times are hard and not when times are good. How do you see it?


  1. Sharyl Attkisson won an emmy for an investigation she did into the Red Cross. Here is the story:;lst;1
    I challenge you to try to find the video... It won an emmy, yet it is gone. POOF!
    Needless to say, we no longer donate to the Red Cross, either.

  2. Good Post ! It was reported that the "Red Cross" received over $700,000,000.00 from 9/11 assistance donations, My income was effected I contacted the "Red Cross" was refered to "Mr. Stall". Told him of my need of $20.00 To hold me over due to the circumstances, I was stalled for weeks and received nothing ! **The Salvation Army** was my salvation, they took care of my needs when I would've otherwise starved. God Bless the **The Salvation Army** !!!

  3. The shit cross will never get a dime from me, there is a reason the RC is no longer allowed to do blood drives on military posts

  4. There is good reason military veterans refrain from supporting the American Red Cross.

  5. Consider this? It's against their laws to not show you in plain sight who they really are!

    Lets look at their logo?

    Big Red Cross against a background of white!

    Its the templars cross, the same one used by CFR, see their logo, its two templars wearing the templar cross on one horse with the caption "UBIQUITOUS" = everywhere!

    They took donations for their campaigns during the Crusades, and for every bit of chaos they could find sense then, and the motto of the 32 degree masons is
    Ordo ab Chao or Order out the Chaos!

    I would burn money before giving it to them, the only charity worse than them is the burn hospitals that the shriners operate ( less than 10% goes to the hospitals, the rest is spent on whores for their potentates ( their word) booze etc.

    See you got me started

  6. Good post refuge 2012! I'm sure you know these symbols are all around us from corporate businesses to government agencies. It's like the older movie "They Live" where people can't see the
    aliens walking around among them until they get the glasses. Cheesy movie in a sense but has a powerful message. The average person doesn't need glasses but google. It's part of knowing who your enemy is and what the symbols they use mean. Most are ancient. Jordan Maxwell probably has a vid about this.

  7. yeh but the poor swindled public, look its been clear to me too for a long time there has been enough publicised evidence that 10% of funds for somewhere ever actually did anything positive for real needing people when attraqcted to and handled by that nother facade of the many headed hydra that is the circus carnival of internationalised currency derivatives other so called horse shit money trading that is as far removed from sense as the idiots we are prompted to elect via the nonsense drama poloitical dance cabarat fantastical of Ghormagast Mordor type pretensions. The wicked are at the gate the helm and to much else of more than they aught, which is naught by the way. Go back idolators of filth and purveyors of hate armagedon you aim for in the very cells of your host earthlings who are realo and pure of heart in their essential underlying humanity. You go into the light there the tv light and we will have air to vent you with many eyes you enveloped racing pulse dead pulsing still perhaps yet this as you immediate we see as you go intuit the end is nigh and your bye the by to that gone as largely junk into the final vortex is tumbled the awfulfilth,... that we see and fortell. You heart pure human you to see new time new age as is more clear and so it will go, as an adendum the true and the pure should for example measure their toil in days affairs but also their purest wish as this is too the great work for after all what is it all but a wish and a prayer flying. The giant melgabun television is to die to be reborn as the real possibility of unleashing human growth potential in wonderfully joyfully sensible ways so humank9ind your time ripe its the hobbits in the book returning home minus a ring and finding the shire trashed but using their real skills and new tested self belief they clear out the malignant interlopers.No I dont know for sure thats what i am sensing, cant always read such subtlety immediately right, but i think thats fortold and so many wonderful brave people we see and hear on the ether who all hope and help to all protection in testing time and love to all

  8. The worst scum bag charity thieves are the Bush/Clinton gang. Using HAARP to create weather disasters and then collect hundreds of millions of dollars world wide only to keep every nickel for themselves.

    Watch Clinton's apologist lying and trying to change the subject about Clinton stealing $53

  9. Thanks for the free speach zone.
    Great Post.
    My father flew b-24s Polisky raids ect. when he came home he said NEVER give to the RED CROSS.He said only the SALVATION ARMY ever helped anyone he knew of! That was 1945! Nothing has improved since then, E.Dole got tons of cash for siting on her ASS for years at the RED CROSS!

  10. Yeah, Red Cross typically pockets 90% of contributions to provide for staffing and indulgences.If I were King, I would reinstate the constitution and the Bill of Rights and have myself appointed for one year to clean house and retire.I think it would take about a year.