Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breaking the Spell of the Propaganda Machine over our Minds

               This is a war declared on humanity,before they can take us by force . They need to condition our minds to give up so they break our will before the first shot is fired. Even though the population is so dumbed down with meaningless concerns of what is going on with Lindsey Lohan and who Will Smith is dating. They have the hype of a NFL player signing a multimillion dollar contract. We have to accept this bunch of mind numb people will exist and never will go away who are sucked in to this nonsense. They are not the problem like we think,it is us.

               What I am talking about is us in the Patriot movement who do get brainwashed studying the other side way too much. I see Alex Jones being brainwashed reading too many white papers from the government. Alex shows the defeatist attitude on the radio creating a self fulfilling prophesy saying the Elites will do this or do that because it written on paper that is no more than ink on paper giving the New World Order's Agenda  power by just repeating their word and believing them,. The truth is if we stare into the abyss too long,it will stare back at us. I heard Devvy Kid saying Ron Paul can't win. Alex Jones says Rick Perry will be the next President before the first ballot is cast. These people have been too much reading the other side believing they are all powerful complaining having no faith in humanity because of the people who refuse to listen. Who cares about the people who will not wake up. What about the ones who are awake?

               Sometimes I have to turn off the Alex Jones show because I feel alienated because he dwells on all that is wrong and does not build confidence in the ranks to push back. This is why I rather listen to his show when he has guest on because they seem to have a life being not so much brainwashed under the spell of the elites reading too much into them. Many of us are past hearing the bad news everyday, we are ready to take counter measures. We know the other side wants to hurt us bad. Hearing Alex Jones say this when it has not started is speaking it into existence. Words do have power to inspire or discourage.

               If we are going to defeat the New World Order. We are going to have use words to have power. This goes for every activist who broadcast, we have worked many years gathering information educating the people. It is time we have to change gears now. Yes we have to be honest about the severity of the situation our republic faces. We also have to realize why the other side is winning is by the power of words to break our will. Sometimes our words do help the other side by just saying it will happen before it happens. It is time we change the words we use or we will lose. Most of the operations used against us is more psychological operations more than military. They are playing minds games with us. Sometimes we encourage this by repeating their words believing they have the power over us to do it. We give the New World Order power by our own words. Many times we become more of our own worst enemy than the New World Order is.

              If we are going to have victory to defeat the New World Order. We have to admit we have been conditioned by the other side's propaganda too. This is war of the mind before it goes to the streets. By the power of our words we can have a peaceful revolution or a blood bath. Some of the best figures in history who had major victories did not look at the odds of what is against them as a stumbling block. They believed in what they were doing what is right saying "no" to the ruling class. We do not have the luxury of being defeatist anymore. We all know what the New World Order's plans are. Now it is the time we start changing how we think and speak. Because what scares the other side is not so much gun and bullets. It is the attitude of the people being fearless because they have no power of our minds. If we have to stop believing they will win. They have no power over us. If we keep saying Ron Paul cannot win and Rick Perry will be the next President. Then we will get what we deserve when we had a chance to turn it around. Words do mean things and do have power over the mind. We better start being mindful of our words that hold the power of life and death. Do you agree?


  1. I know that this is not a popular option but its what has worked for me,

    throw the tv box out and stop watching it.

    We did this 7 years ago, it does not happen very often but when we go somewhere that has a TV on its sorta like John Carpenter's movie "They Live" (if you have never seen this movie you need to) I get a headache and the noise is so distracting that I find that I cannot concentrate on anything other than the pictures and noise coming from the gadget.

    Over 90% of the "Media" ( the name media comes from "Medes" these were the magicians of the ancient world)is owned by 4 corporations all on the same page (NWO).
    Thats why the only place I get reliable information is on the net from alternative news sources like this one.

  2. Well stated. Beyond using positive language, we need to focus on PERSONAL changes that liberate us on a day to day basis. Aquaponics is where I put my energy now.
    As for Ron Paul, we were behind him 110% last time, and either learned to much of misunderstood things that no one ever bothered to clear up. Electing him might buy us 4 or 8 years of improvements, but until we learn to stand on our own two feet we will be "taken care of" by a government whose long term aims have not waivered in years to decades, maybe centuries.
    Ron Paul may have a heart of gold, but they will use him to their own ends, if they are forced to let him be president for a while. We must restore what the Founding Fathers intended: A land of sovereign citizens, with the full right and willing to accept the responsibility, to own their life.

  3. Good Post!

    In order for the world to change, we need to start from within. We cannot continue living like we are lifeless slaves who have no power whatsoever. That is what the PTB are hoping that we do. No, for us to win, we need to start living correctly with respect and love for ourselves and our fellow man. We cannot wait for a savior that will help us (except of course Jesus Christ, but he even said that we must work to bring about change) I suggest that we do whatever we can on our end in order to change the environment around us. If enough of us treat others with respect, break from the grid, show kindness to one another, pay no attention to the lies of the politicians etc... we will have a chance. If you want a great example, look at Iceland. There is a reason why the do not mention them anymore in the media. They have shown what it takes to break free from the NWO. The question is, do we have the courage to follow suit? I certainly hope so....

  4. Soulutions
    There is the distinct threat of economic collapse in the air and the police force and the army are preparing for a showdown on Main Street but we can’t afford to go over that cliff. Violence will only empower more violent leaders. We can see down through history that the outcome of violence is violence. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. How many times must we repeat this scenario before we learn that this way of violence only perpetuates the attitude of violence as a means to an end. We must reach deeper into ourselves for the resources that we all possess as multidimensional beings. Our thoughts create our reality and we have barely scratched the surface of our creative and intuitive nature. It has been proven through scientific process that human thought, properly focused, can affect and change physical mass. This is well documented in Quantum Physics. It has also been displayed by a group of meditators who travelled from city to city with the intent of decreasing the crime rate with meditation during their stay in each city. The results were remarkable! They decreased the crime rate by between 40% to 60% during their stay in at least 69 cities, of which Washington DC was one. It is time to understand the power and the nature of the power we all possess. It is time for a transformation of consciousness. A consciousness that is both individual and cosmic in every moment. It is time for an unveiling of our true nature. And how do we deal with the tyranny we are apparently faced with? With the most powerful energy in the universe which every one of us possess. Love. From the depths of the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the Gnostic gospels, the Torah, the Vedas, from the works and writings of Plato, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Francis Bacon, Thomas Jefferson, from the Zohar to Noetic Science to the Egyptian Mystery Schools to the Shamanic texts to the Pistis Sophia all describe the power that the mind and heart possess and the power of the collective consciousness. It is time to use that collective consciousness to our collective advantage. To create a world that better represents our true and spiritual nature. A world where Love conquers all. So let us use Love via the collective consciousness to influence positive change and unveil a world that better suits all of Life and all of Earth. We have the power within us to affect this change. It has been scientifically proven that the power of human thought “grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought.” In psychology, it is described as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” It seems that the time is upon us to join together around the world with a singular healing intent and what better focus for this intent then Love. This is not a fairytale. It is the truth we are becoming. Let us, as individuals, consciously join together around the world as a collective consciousness and focus our intent to Love for all the world. Let us evoke change with this power. That will be our justice!
    Rob Gordon

  5. Finaly, the moust powerfull and downright nightmare senario for the NWOs and the mayor players, are freedom.
    Take back the democracy that was intended, not this band of robber barons and their servants.
    Freedom to free one self from the reality and propaganda we all are hammered with every waking moment.
    The powers are afraid of a people that are well educated and selfdisiplined. We all have more incomon than what separates us, anywhere on this planet.
    Never forgett that, only sircumstancess are different, and yett we are so like, why do we tend to forgett that.
    Free your self from the Tube and quit reading everything depressing sosiopornographic lecture and gett out and breath free.

    Go out and see, thats the real world, the one that matters. Educate your self in things like selfsustainable comunetys, any kind of rawmaterialor resourcess are rock solid cash.
    What color its printed, is no bigg deal, comodetys are comodetys and can be swapped into anything else.
    Capitalism, is its name, not a cleptocrasy.
    That fu.. flattscrean TV is and will always be a comodety, like fish.

    PS: a paradox, hehe, the lesser one thinks, the more you learn.
    Try it, it actualy works.
    Mother Nature have nobody to stand beside you and slapp you in the back of you head and yeal,
    PAY ATTENTION Someting is happening, boy.
    She dont work in that fasion, its solely up to us, and no one else. To start to pay attention, one must sort out and calm down ones mind, you know, shitt in shitt out.

    Famous Old Zen Saying
    Before enlightenment: Chop wood, carry water. After enlightment: Chop wood, carry water.


  6. Thank you for this article, and yes, I agree 100%.

    We have fallen into the trap of using their language, a language which serves their purpose.

    We need to translate their words which are empowering for us.

    Some examples:

    sheeple: denigrates our fellow citizens who aren't yet aware/not yet interested in what's really going on.
    Many different terms could be used - the uninformed, the unawake - these are respectful terms. Why should we fall into their trap of treating our fellow humans with such discrespect?

    TPTB - is a term which subliminally suggests a superior power and a permanence. A couple of suggestions might be The Liars in Office, The Warmongers in Office, The Greedy Dark Ones.

    We need to be creative and develop a language which reflects our reality, not theirs.