Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fight Back Against an Economic Attack, Buy Gibson Guitars and thier Products

             I am a proud owner of two Gibson Guitars. I won a Gibson Les Paul autographed by Ace Freely of Kiss, the year1978 at a raffle in New Jersey and a Gibson SG model singed by Angus Young of AC/DC being the 77th caller into a radio station in 1985. I own a Fender Telecaster and a BC Rich too. They all have the same wood on the fret board all made in the USA before our jobs were outsourced to China. All handmade with Fine American craftsmanship. Gibson Guitars is a reminder of what can make this country great again if we are willing to put up a fight to keep their doors open and people working.

              Not many of you maybe cannot afford a Les Paul or a Gibson SG guitar to support this company in need of support. Gibson sells more than just Guitars. You can buy T-shirts and baseball caps to show your support keeping jobs in America. We should be saying thank you to Gibson Guitars, despite with all the burdensome regulations that are costly to operate here in the states. They could have went to China or Mexico to keep cost down with cheap labor. Gibson chose to keep the jobs here to keep Americans working. Lets show our support for them for staying here and not outsourcing overseas like many companies did when it got too costly.

             This Government raid on Gibson Guitars is our government attacking one of the last bastions of American craftsmanship. This is crony capitalism by a gangster government out of control. Gibson donated to the GOP and not to the Democrats. Since Gibson did not kiss the ring of the Chicago mob boss in the oval office. So the Department of Justice selectively enforces a foreign law outside the jurisdiction of the United States trying to shut down competition in favor of a guitar maker who donated to Obama. This is just not bureaucratic nonsense we hear about. This is extortion, racketeering and abuse of power coming out of the White House attacking the real economy in favor of his donors. This is another reason why we need to impeach Obama in light of this raid on Gibson Guitars. Abuse of power, plain and simple.

            How we can support Gibson to show we are with them is if you cannot afford a guitar? Like I said before. Buy T-shirts and ball caps. If they sell jackets and duffel bags. Buy them too, even if they sell boxer short and ladies panties. Purchase it and show we are behind them,that is what will win in the end. It will be we the people having the victor . We have to send a message to this out of control government that they are on the losing side. Lets keep America working .support Gibson Guitars. 


  1. I am broke and unemployed but I still support Gibson in spirit if nothing else and when I do get working again I will save to buy a Gibson guitar!

  2. According to the definition given by Benito, is it pure Fascism.

  3. I am on SS and that becomes broke considering there have been no cost of living raises in 3 years now, but I do support Gibson ... wish I could afford to get the ES335TD. BUT ... considering the attitude of the WH and congress and their belief that supporting a criminal country full of fake Jews rather than the citizens of this country, I kinda doubt that I will ever be able to get one.

  4. America is currently occupied by the elite, and you're currently helping build your own prisons and ovens. Well done America.

  5. This type of "enforcement" policy MUST stop.


    Check out this Pro Gibson Shirt - priceless! If enough artists display this sentiment maybe the Mr and Mrs will take notice.

  6. Are you kidding me? Gibson outsources to china already and has been for years. You think those tuners are american? No. Grover tuners have been made in china since 1979. ALL of them. Gibson's custom shop has been making them overseas since the flood that shut down the factory in tennessee. You think they are going to change back? No.
    Pickups have been wound in china for years. This is like Harley Davidson who's showa suspension has been made by honda japan since 1968. Spend your money accordingly. Why should you HAVE to pay more for made in USA? If you go to china to buy something made in china, you pay LESS for something made in china, here in the USA it is at a premium. Why is that?