Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Untiliy Rate Hikes Are A Result of Ignoring Anti Trust Laws and R.I.C.O. Statues.

              I have to wonder were is in the Constitution that a major campaign donor to Obama's election can write the rules for coal companies, while the author of the regulations exempts themselves from complying. That is General Electric, which is becoming a monopoly using the force and power of the government to shut down the competition. We may start to see rate hikes and rolling blackouts from a artificial scarcity created by the EPA's draconian rules.

              Anti trust laws are supposed to prevent monopolies. The Sherman Anti Trust act was supposed to stop the Harriman Railroad from dominating the rail lines and the Rockefeller from controlling the oil industry shutting out any competition. Monopolies are ruthless and evil.They are corporations are without a soul or any honor whatsoever. When there is competition, there is honesty in the marketplace, When there is monopolies, there is enslavement and impoverishment with no hope.  When California had their rolling blackouts and the rate hikes. Enron executives were laughing at the crisis they have created. They have created artificial scarcity with a state run monopoly thanks to the politicians giving favors to one group of people over another.

              If the states and the people are going to push back these monopolies. They cannot just file under the 9th and 10th amendment violations. They need to use anti trust laws and the provisions of the(R.I.C.O) Racketeering Influence Corrupt Organization Act as a strategy. in the Constitution that prohibits the executive branch of the government of having implied powers will not work. They need to use the R.I.C.O. laws on a state level against General Electric, The White House, and the EPA.  This White House needs to be challenged by all peaceful measures necessary to stop them in their tracks. The State Attorney Generals and the People need to stop going into Federal Court. They need to use the state courts passing injunctions against the EPA, GE and the White House when they overreach. If we do not act, we are on the road being serfs. What the White House ,General Electric and the EPA are involved in is racketeering. That is how Monopolies are formed is by racketeering with collusion of Corporations and Government powers.

             These Monopolies have to be challenged. Not just General Electric. Monsanto and Tyson chicken needs to be sent to court under anti trust and R.I.C.O laws along with the Obama Administration. The 9th and 10th Amendment will not cut it in court. This needs to be done at a state level, they should not waste time and resources going into Federal court. If we do not challenge this corporate fascist government and push back every way possible. Then we are condemned to economic serfdom. If we do class action anti trust and R.I.C.O lawsuits nationwide of citizens and all who is affected because the force of government is used to shut down competition in favor of the a giant corporations who give generously to politicians. We might have a fighting chance pushing them back. These people are not invincible,they can be beat if we are relentless against them. If we do nothing, we get all  of what we deserve.

             We have a White House that is for the Wall Street Bankers and the Corporate Robber Barons. If he does not get his way with Congress, he uses executive Fiat issuing directives outside of law he has no legal authority to do. We know that. We know Congress is not doing their job, it is up to us to act. This is why I say Anti Trust and R.I.C.O laws might be an option I am not saying this may be the silver bullet to stop the Government Corporate Monopolies coming out of the White House. I am just saying if we file thousands of lawsuits using R.I.C.O. and Anti trust laws. We might be able to slow down this corporate fascist government being bogged down in courts, in return we can buy some time. We might be able to slay the corporate monster with a thousand cuts if we go this route. These conglomerates being drained of resources with legal cost fighting thousands of cases on multiple fronts might be our best option then trying defeat them head on. We can beat them by just bogging them down with legal cost in the courts. Spreading them thin all over the country might do the trick. What is your solution? Before you criticize me.at least I am thinking.What about you?




  1. Two words that everyone must know and repeat "NO CONFIDENCE"

  2. Great idea!! Let's do it!!

  3. How exactly would competition of utility companies work? 10 different energy companies, each with their own power plants, their own transmission lines?

    You want electricity from company A, so they have to run new power lines, and if you want to switch companies, they have to rip out the old and install new lines?

    When the telephone was first invented, we had just that situation. Dozens of companies, each with their own standards. Chaos. It was only when the eeevil government stepped in to consolidate that things improved. And not having a dozen companies all reinventing the wheel, innovation occurred.

    Monopolies are to be avoided in general. But For certain services, it's the most efficient method of serving the market.

    But I have to wonder. Is economic policy really something that should be discussed by someone who never finished high school, Realman2020?

  4. VERY EASY ANSWER for all this thevery JUST FIND OLD Charlie and the ENRON perps( MOSTLY TEXANS!) they are still alive in the islands resorts maybe even Houston,Make them talk and you will get some truth about this monopoly good behavior FAIRYTALE.
    No power lines need move anywhere they ALL hook together (computer controled,SCADA ect.)and MARKET their wares where the load is,dummie. Like they have lots of spare electricity now in Detroit since everybody MOVED OUT! Factories ect and downtown Detroit, so they sell that electricity elsewhere. Like CANADA buys some ect.
    Never believe the corp/gov lies.
    COAL? What FOOL uses coal for anything, when you have better power supplies.