Saturday, August 27, 2011

Texas Warn Residents Warned of Rolling Blackouts this Weekend in Record Heat Temperatures in the Forecast.

              Here we go again, I wonder were Gov Rick Perry is now when we are having record hot temperatures in the weather forecast this weekend? He is too busy running for President telling how he is fed up with Washington DC while Obama's new EPA rules shutting down coal power plants in Texas. This might cause us to have rolling blackouts. ERCOT has sent out a notice of possible rolling blackouts between 3pm and 7pm this weekend. We are told to cut back on power usage since the high demand this weekend.

               Texas has record hot temperatures before and never had any rolling blackouts. Texas always has always met the high demand of electricity on days of record of hot temperatures. So what is the difference today compared to years past? It is the EPA through Obama's implementing Cap and Trade bypassing congress forcing coal power plants to shut down because the draconian regulations making it so costly to operate. There is no reason for rolling blackouts. Texas in the past has been able to provide Electricity to the neighboring states and now we do not have that capacity anymore to meet the demand.

               If there is anyone to blame, it is Governor Rick Perry for his lack of leadership, he will tell us the words we want to hear if it will suit him for the moment. On the other hand will not do a damn thing to stand up for Texas. He was AWOL last winter when we had rolling blackouts on record cold days. If I were the governor of Texas. I would have those power plants surrounded by law enforcement blocking the EPA or the Feds access. We need a Constitution standoff to show the nation who is really on the right side of the law, exposing the EPA for what it really is, the very agency that stands in the way.

               So if we have rolling blackouts this weekend with elderly and sick people dying because of record heat temperatures, blame Gov Perry's lack of leadership which really tells me he is really not fed up with Washington. Have you realized by now he does not mean what he says and always does the opposite.He could have acted to stop these rolling blackouts, but he didn't. These possible rolling blackout I hope will come back to haunt slick Rick, showing the voters he is a phony and fake. Ron Paul for President.


  1. Yeah, and rolling blackouts is how ENRON (whose founder Ken Lay helped Al Gore set up his carbon trading company) scared Californians into handing some $8 billion to the scammers. Fool me once...

  2. Blackouts?
    Do not believe this ENRON/GOVNT BS!
    MEXAS has tons of peaking units that burn NATURAL GAS!
    These where shutdown and made standby units when the price of natural gas went up,now gas in LOW but it is sent north,but only in the winter.
    This sorry excuse for gov'nt is at it again just like the mob bastards they are.In fact we the people might do better if we let the mafia run the country at least you know where you stand with them.

  3. Real-Time System Conditions
    Last Updated Aug 27 2011 15:52:40 CDT
    Current Frequency 60.029
    Instantaneous Time Error -0.633
    Real-Time Data
    Actual System Demand 64925
    Total System Capacity 65286
    Total Wind Output (hourly average) 162
    DC Tie Flows
    DC_E (East) -599
    DC_L (Laredo VFT) -100
    DC_N (North) -200
    DC_R (Railroad) -101
    DC_S (Eagle Pass) -29
    SO THE SYSTEM IS ABOUT TO OVERLOAD!!!! has nothing to do with Natural Gas, dumbass.

  4. These bad heat waves, rampant droughts, record wildfires, AND hurricanes are NOT normal. Lots of scientists continue to measure rising sea levels, melting glaciers and ice the drama is an integral part of the theory. I say it all corresponds to Global Warming!!

  5. OF course it is NOT about NATURAL GAS it is about MONEY and THEFT YOU ENRON ASSHOLE!
    Just turn om the peaking units and SHUT UP!

    OH KIDDIES check your spellers!