Friday, August 19, 2011

Ron Paul Should Stay Away From Gov. Perry's Rumors of Adultry. This Could be a Set up

            As I am listening to the Alex Jones show talking about Rick Perry's extramarital affairs as an alleged bisexual. If the these accusations are true or not. The Ron Paul campaign should stay away from using it as a campaign tactic questioning the Governor's personal life. If the truth comes out by people coming forward, let it not be associated with the Ron Paul campaign. The Congressmen would show some class by not using Rick Perry's shortcomings to get votes.

            I am not defending Rick Perry or condemning him when there is no proof he was involved in any affairs outside his marriage. He will have to live with himself and his own shortcomings when it comes to his own personal demons. If the truth comes out, let it be from people who are not Ron Paul people digging up this kind of dirt. Let it be the alternative news media and investigative journalist that will bring this story to light. The Ron Paul campaign should stay away from this like the plague.

             This could be the Rick Perry camp and Karl Rove trying to set up the congressmen using people claiming to be Ron Paul supporters in reality are political hacks for the Neo Cons. This scandal candidates should stay away from,especially Ron Paul. If the scandal breaks the story in the press. Let the Governor be accountable answering to the press or the alternative media. Ron Paul and the supporters who are working hard to secure his nomination should distance themselves from this scandal.

               I smell a rat in the mist to try to demonize Ron Paul supporters if they use this issue as a campaign issue. The Congressmen is winning the debate sticking to the issues that are important. The governors personal life has no bearing on what is going on today. If the story does come to light as being true to the fact, not based on hearsay evidence based on unsubstantiated rumors. Regardless Ron Paul should keep it to himself and only wish the governor well healing his marriage if found to be true and decline answering any further questions of the matter.

                 What I will say is if the Governor cannot be loyal to his wife, how can I expect him to be loyal to his oath? This is a scandal that should be for the press to go after and Ron Paul supporter stay away from this matter. This could be a set up by Carl Rove. Remember these people are crafty and cunning. Regardless if Rick Perry is a playboy governor cheating on his wife or not. Little political side shows like this can be used to demonize people who support Ron Paul. So I say to the congressmen, to his staff and supporters. Do not go there. It might be a Carl Rove set up.

                 We all would like to defeat Rick Perry, no question about that. But we have to take the high moral ground. Stooping low to a level of playing dirty only hurts our cause. We need to avoid slandering a sitting governor when there is nothing to back it up. Just because a guest on Alex Jones says it. It does not mean it is true. We have to be skeptical of everything we see or hear. Just because it sounds like a good way to defeat Rick Perry because rumors says he is not a loyal husband. We have to be on guard because we might be led into a trap set up by the neo con hacks. These people are professionals who do play dirty. Always be skeptical regardless of the source or we can be screwed. Do not underestimate Carl Rove, It would not surprise me if he is behind all this in an attempt to make the Tea Party and other patriots look bad.

                The establishment inside the Republican party is working hard to discredit Ron Paul and his supporters. We should not be dragged into the mud. We are beating Perry on the issues, There is no need to attack his personal life. That is between his wife and him and keep it there. We are not about playing dirty politics, we are better men and we should act as such. If we don't we are no better than them. That is when we lose our credibility. Think about it.


  1. If you were looking for a plumber, would you care if he cheats on his wife, is gay or straight, is single or married, or would you just care whether he's good at his job? Why should it be any different for politicians?

  2. I doubt Ron Paul needs this sort of advice. He has been the most sincere candidate and is not known to attack his opponents on on anything but the issues.

  3. What Realman2020 is referring to (I think) is a newspaper ad by a Ron Paul supporter in Austin. The ad was a request for women to come forth if they had had sex with Rick Perry. The supporter was a staunch Paul fan, and would presumably use those women's stories against Perry.

    Realman2020 probably should have mentioned this fact himself before writing an entire post on it, but there you go.

  4. We have AJ to thank for getting Perry re-elected. He turned on Deborah Medina in the 11th hour before the primary. Possible COINTELPRO as she was in a strong enough position to force a runoff between herself and Perry. This was an opportunity to defeat establishment neocons Hutchison and Perry and send a strong message from our state to the rest of the nation.

  5. Dr Paul always takes the high road and would never stoop to attacking someone's personal life. He will not even mention the name of a political opponent unless he is ratholed by a presstitute.

    This said, it is up to the general populace to enlighten the sheeple when ever we can. We can scream, "9/11 was an inside job" but don't expect Dr Paul to incorporate that into his political platform. We can point out the hookers in Perry's limo, but don't expect RP's seal of approval. Karl Rove is a master of this game.