Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quantitative Easing is Good for the Money Junkies and it is Quantitative Squeezing is Bad for us Because We Pay for it with Inflation

              In today's economy, What is good for Wall Street and the Big Central Banks is bad for us. Uncle Ben has the presses going at warp speed printing out money to give to the big banks to prop up these Zombie institutions who are too big to fail in their own mind. This has not done well for the people of the United States who have to pay for it with higher prices on everything. I rather the Federal Reserve raise interest rates than print more money to keep inflation in check.

             Now we are waiting for the Federal Reserve Chairmen to announce QE3 trying to flood the economy with money they say. All the money is going to is Wall Street and the Bankers. The Bankers offshore will benefit the most more than the people will. The people who work will be the ones getting screwed while the money junkies will get the loot. QE3 is nothing more than stealing the wealth from the people by inflation which is a hidden tax were people lose the purchasing power in what they earn and save.

              In the early founding of this country. Debasing the currency is a federal crime punishable by death by the Coinage Act of 1792. How the Federal Reserve Bank can control booms and bust in the economy by inflating and deflating the dollar which is debasing the currency. Do the people responsible for our failed monetary policy saying we will just print more money will solve the problem will get the death penalty? Not they will not because the Federal Reserve is a legalized counterfeit operation that can away with it. If we print our own money in the basement we go to jail.

              Flooding the economy with worthless dollars will not work fixing the economy. It is when we reform our monetary system by getting rid of this private central bank. Once the dollar is back on solid ground backed by gold or silver. We will recover. There will be no more bailouts,QE1, QE2 and soon to be QE3. The government will not be able to spend more than it takes in. The government will have no choice but to balance its budget.

              So when you hear Ben Bernake announce from Jackson Hole announcing QE3. We will know he just dug us a deeper hole we cannot get out of. QU3 will mean two things. The acceleration of our demise will come two ways; a collapse like the old Soviet Union or a bloody revolution in the streets. This is why the Federal reserve needs to be abolished and a new provision in our Constitution saying NO MORE PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS issuing our currency


  1. The only thing the U.S. can do to improve the economy is print more money. The corruption at the patent office, hostility to innovation and enterprise and the export of neccessary daily used goods manufacturing to slave labor markets without tariffs has sealed America's fate. Until Americans get hungry, they will not acknowledge discomfort or inconvenience. Not very smart.

    The constitution says that the congress alone can issue 'coin'.

  2. "Debasing the currency is a federal crime punishable by death by the Coinage Act of 1792."

    An act that applies only to the officers of the mint. Which means that the Federal Reserve isn't to be held to that act, only officers or employees of the mint are.

    See what just a little extra thought can do? Almost makes you want to go back and finish high school, doesn't it?